Ariana Grande - Thank U Next Body Mist


Optimistically outspoken. Playful yet cool. Thank U Next Eau de Parfum by Ariana Grande. The ultimate fragrance for moving on and looking up.

Fragrance Family Floral Scent Type Gourmand Key Notes Top: trắng Pear, Wild Raspberry Heart: Crème De Coconut, Pink Rose petals Base: Macaroon Sugar, Velvet Musk
Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Parfum), Aqua/Water/Eau, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Benzyl Salicylate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Citronellol, Coumarin.

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965 Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

Very interesting fragrance...

I received this fragrance in a sample bag from This perfume in particular has the least stars out of any other Ariana fragrance sold on this site. That doesn"t surprise me at all. This is a strange scent 100%, but that is kind of what makes it good...if that makes sense. I agree with others on the pickle smell, it"s there, it"s weird, but it softens out to something very sweet và pleasant. When I wore the sample, I passed by my mom and she asked if I ate kettle corn. When I said no she was like "That"s weird. Suddenly I smell kettle corn, it smells good". I knew she was smelling this fragrance và honestly, I got that too once she said it. This does smell kinda lượt thích buttered popcorn jelly beans or caramel/kettle corn. MY initial thought when I sprayed it had been that it was very similar khổng lồ B&BW"s Pink Chiffon toàn thân mist that I had once. I actually looked up the notes for that, and that particular scent along with this one both have a pear đứng đầu note, which I think might be what"s responsible for the tartness & weirdness of the scent. I think everyone is right honestly: it smells like pickles, it smells like sugary buttered popcorn, it smells lượt thích vanilla coconut, và it smells lượt thích Pink Chiffon. It"s all of that in one and it"s so bad that it"s good, but I can see it being a train wreck on different skin chemistry because this is one of those scents that"s really unforgiving. Plus, it"s very strong & slaps you & everyone else in the face when you wear it so it could be bad if it doesn"t agree with you. Overall, I give it lượt thích 7.5 out of 10. I don"t LOVE it, but I really like it. It"s very unique and that"s good in my book but others might not agree. Get a decant or a sample if you can first before buying.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Not all that bad but definitely not Ari"s best..

Okay so I was really iffy about purchasing this perfume because I read the reviews and literally 50% said it was terrible và smelled like pickles & the other một nửa said it smelled really good và had no pickle smell at all. (Side note, I love pickles a lot actually but I definitely wouldn"t want lớn smell like one). But, I love Ariana, I love perfume, and I had the money so I bought it. The only thing I can say is that it doesn"t smell good and it doesn"t smell bad either. We wear perfume to smell nice right? So I didn"t like the fact that I could buy a perfume and I, PERSONALLY, think I smell good and lượt thích sunshine và flowers but then someone else thinks I smell lượt thích pickles…(and lượt thích I said I LOVE pickles lol, so I"m extremely familiar with the smell, so yes it kinda doe smell lượt thích it.) When I buy a perfume I think of how I would smell and how others would smell me, too. So, long story short I actually wouldn"t recommend this khổng lồ a friend. I"m actually going to keep it because I do lượt thích it, but because of the fact that I don"t entirely like it 100% (like cloud or GIAW) I don"t think I"ll buy this one again.

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Reviewed by 965 customers

I would definitely buy this again


Rose fromWoodbridge, VA

I spray this thắng lợi on my pulse spots



lydia fromflorida

if u like pickles buy this perfume



Pickle fromPickle

It smells like pickles. As bad as I want lớn love this product, I can"t. But the packaging is so cute!!

amazing if u like roses


manvir fromusa

smells jus lượt thích sweet roses and coconut might not be everyone"s fav but it"s very feminine và sweet



Jen fromUnited States

One of my favorite perfumes ever. I definitely recommend.



Lizz fromCalifornia

This perfume was gifted lớn me, I don"t like the smell of coconut & that"s all I can basically smell, I don"t know how long the scent lasts because I have never tried it on and don"t think I will, but I think someone who likes coconut will really like this fragrance. It"s actually a nice fragrance just not for someone who doesn"t like the smell of coconut lol



SkaterGirl2010 fromNorth Carolina

Definitely smells lượt thích dill pickles when sprayed & then you smell nothing!!



Dylan fromSpartanburg, South Carolina

This perfume is literally sooo pretty!!! it smells so much better than cloud. Cloud is too overhyped và smells like cologne.

It"s a win!


DesperatelySeekingSweet fromOregon

My hard-to-please boyfriend LOVES this fragrance on me. Perhaps it"s my toàn thân chemistry but there"s no pickle smell in my bottle. It"s my new fave fragrance.



S fromY

I love the product design just not what"s inside the bottle. I did kết thúc up with a headache after wearing for awhile.

Not a fan hâm mộ of the smell


Julia fromMinnesota

I wanted to like this fragrance so much because I"m OBSESSED with the packing. The packing is just so adorable but the smell is just not for me. I got this as a gift for Christmas & right away I knew I didn"t really lượt thích it too well but kept it to see if it would grow on me. After a while of having it, a coworker told me she thought this smelt lượt thích pickles and ever since then I can"t get that smell out of my head because it 100% does! Overall just not a fan, I would personally recommend Cloud, REM, or God is a woman by Ari if you are looking to lớn get one of her fragrances.

Best fragrance I"ve bought!!


Sarah fromTexas

For someone in their late 20"s early 30"s, I was looking for a perfume that didn"t smell like every B&BW perfume out there! I smelled this and I was blown away! I work 15-17 hour shifts at the hospital & all the nurses ask what I was wearing! I told them Ariana Granda! & sure enough I had the whole floor smelling all the same! You did good girl!! Thank you size all is ladies!!

I blame tik tok


M fromM

I have had this & thought i liked it i thought it was sweet và yum but then i saw a tiktok that said it smells lượt thích pickles and now it is all I smell and I want to lớn get rid of it

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