Cách để chơi ăn gian trong game cookie clicker online: 8 bước

At every company, each department has a little special something that helps bring them together. At 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, the Web Marketing team has their monthly cooking competition. This month’s competition was all about COOKIES!

Cách nghịch đĩa phanhThe Web Marketing Team is pretty serious about their cooking competitions which is why they have chosen three judges from three different departments to fairly judge each cookie through a blind taste test: Bill from IT, Joe from Creative, và Rob from Merchandising. Joe even brought his own personal Cookie Monster mug for the occasion. Ballots are handed out khổng lồ each judge và the cookies were based on four factors on a scale from 1 to 5: (1) Taste, (2) Mouthwatering, (3) Presentation, & (4) Originality. The numbers are added up for one total and 5 trophies are given to the winners.

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Cách nghịch đĩa phanhSeven people from the Web Marketing Team baked & there were nine cookies to lớn judge total. There are a couple of rules the Web Marketing Team must adhere khổng lồ for the cookie competition: there can be more than one entry per contestant and no mixes.

The Web Marketing Team even provided the judges with milk to accompany their cookies which means they were ready to taste!

The cookies entered were as follows:Cookie #1: Chocolate Hazelnut Oatmeal CookieCookie #2: Chocolate Chip Cookie with Chocolate Caramel Candy CenterCookie #3: Chocolate CPU Toffee CookieCookie #4: Round Butter Cookie with Cocoa MiddleCookie #5: Original Chocolate CPU CookieCookies #6a-c: Triple Babé Combo (6a) Maple Babé Cookie (6b) Chocolate Chip Babé Cookie (6c) Chocolate Bacon CookieCách đùa đĩa phanhCookie #7: Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookie

All of the cookies were absolutely delicious but by Cookie #5 the judges were hurting a bit, but like the troopers they are, kept trekking along khổng lồ complete their cookie judging mission!

After the judges had completed filling out the cookie judging paperwork, all the bakers were invited inlớn the room khổng lồ hear the judges comments. Points were added up khổng lồ determine the five winners for each category và the bakers names were disclosed for their cookie creations.

Since we can’t capture the ENTIRE condemo for you in just one blog post, we will cốt truyện with you some of the comments from the judges. In regards lớn the banhỏ cookies (Cookies #6a-c), Bill said “Tears in my eyes, go bacon!” Joe decided to embody Cookie Monster and said in regards khổng lồ the toffee chocolate chip cookie (Cookie # 3), “T is for toffee that’s good enough for me.” For Cookie #2 (chocolate chip cookie with caramel và chocolate candy center), Rob said the “marshmallowy goodness sends chills down my spine,” however no marshmallows were used in this cookie.

And the winners were…* For the Taste award, Cindy won with Cookie #3 for her Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie, which she said used four sticks of butter!Cách đùa đĩa phanh* The other four awards for Mouthwatering, Presentation, Originality, and Overall went to lớn Leslie for her Three Banhỏ Cookies. The Banhỏ Chocolate Chip Cookie was an overall favorite!

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