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Outworld Destroyer is a carry and disabler. He can rephối fights, break chain stuns, và save teammates with


Astral Imprisonment.


Essence Flux keeps his mamãng cầu high, so he can constantly output pure damage with

Arcane Orb. Outworld Destroyer can then choose to finish them off with

Sanity”s Eclipse, which deals damage in a large radius based on the difference between Outworld Destroyer”s maximum mana and each enemy”s mamãng cầu in the affected area.

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Deals pure damage.Punishes mamãng cầu dependent và low intelligence heroes.High starting movement speed.Can interrupt chain stuns.Able to hide an ally or enemy.Arcane Orb is countered by spell immunity, disarm, silence, và evasion.Arcane Orb cannot hit buildings.Sanity”s Eclipse is less effective against heroes with high mana pools.Relatively short range on attacks & spells.


Astral Imprisonment is almost always the best level one point, as it is Outworld Destroyer”s only utility spell và can be used in the early game lớn disable an enemy to escape or to lớn give sầu time for allies lớn help.An early point in Arcane orb gives Outworld Destroyer a way to lớn harass the enemy without drawing creep aggro, and an effective but expensive sầu way lớn secure contested last hits.Maxing Astral Imprisonment gives hlặng a powerful disable và mana steal, while Increasing Arcane Orb”s damage. The cooldown is high at cấp độ one, but decreases as you màn chơi it.Sanity”s Eclipse”s damage depends on the difference between Outworld Destroyer”s current mamãng cầu & the enemy”s mamãng cầu, so delaying it until later on is often worthwhile.Outworld Destroyer is a very strong laner. You can win the CS battle against the majority of heroes by banishing them before they can get a last hit on the first creep that”s about to die, denying it, và last hitting their creep that”s low. Good players will try khổng lồ keep their distance from you, so try to fake moving in range of your ability occasionally khổng lồ make them question themselves.Essence Flux has a chance of restoring a maximum percentage of mana, which when combined with the charges from Arcane Orb và Astral Imprisonment can equate lớn a lot of mana being restored và allows continuous usage of Arcane Orb.

Ability Builds

Mid Outworld Destroyer
Support Outworld Destroyer


Hero Talents





30% Spell Lifesteal+2%

Arcane Orb Damage


Sanity”s Eclipse Mamãng cầu Difference Multiplier

+trăng tròn


+30 Movement Speed+250 Mana
+15 Attachồng Speed+200 Health

Tips & Tactics


Stealing mamãng cầu from enemy heroes can make a big difference between you and enemy heroes, giving you a high advantage.Try to lớn stachồng neutral camps to farm with later on, especially ancient ones.

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Arcane OrbArcane Orb is costly khổng lồ autocast, so you should invest in it later on when you can sustain your mamãng cầu.This is your main damaging ability later on in the game. As an intelligence carry, you directly benefit from items which increase your intelligence due lớn the increase in your attaông chồng damage, mana pool, và resultant Arcane Orb damage.Due khổng lồ Outworld Destroyer”s skill phối, Arcane Orb would be your main consumption, and recovery, of mana.Casting Arcane Orb on neutral or enemy creeps is a good way lớn recover lost mana.

Astral ImprisonmentAstral Imprisonment can be used to save sầu yourself or allied heroes from spells with long delays, such as


X Marks the Spot &


Ghostship if timed correctly.When misused and poorly timed, the application of Astral Imprisonment heavily backfires.Just like how it can save allies from spells and damage, it can also do the same for your opponents, so communication with the team is important to lớn prsự kiện wasting of spells.It is entirely possible for you khổng lồ cause a teammate”s demise by casting Astral Imprisonment on them at the wrong time (such as when they have just begun to channel an escape ability).The expanding red ring visual effect can tell Outworld Destroyer và allies the duration of Astral Imprisonment.

Essence FluxEssence Flux has a chance to restore a percentage of Outworld Destroyer”s maximum mamãng cầu every time he casts a spell, sustaining continuous usage of Arcane Orb.It”s recommended to lớn build attaông chồng speed items on Outworld Destroyer, as it increases the chance that his mana will be restored.

Sanity”s EclipseTry gaining more mamãng cầu with your spells or items lớn further increase your ultimate”s damage.

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