Cách chơi diablo 2 qua hamachi

Hey, ulmrave.com. I'm at the over of my ngân hàng of knowledge on this sort of thing, and I'm at the point where I'm getting pissed off. My friend và I want lớn play Diablo 2 over Hamađưa ra, but there seems lớn be something wrong. What I've sầu noticed is, when I press TCP/IPhường, the IP address it shows is my IPv4 & not Hamachi's IP., so I don't know if that's the issue.

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Things we've tried:

-Doing nothing, & when trying to lớn join putting in the host's house IP., IPv4, Default Gateway, Hamađưa ra IPv4

-Looking up tutorials & going into lớn user settings và being a joiner, changing the host's VPN Alias khổng lồ have matching subnets

-Shutting down firewall, & trying everything named above

-Obviously trying lớn have each of us host, neither of us can successfully vì chưng so.

Help, ulmrave.com?