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Hey epic gamers, welcome to lớn another incredible article from ulmrave.com. Now today we have a very interesting and special article for you, we are going to be discussing all about gaming language in Japanese. This is dedicated khổng lồ all those gamers out there. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your intense gaming in a Japanese setting too. What better way to immerse yourself in the language while doing something you tình thân.

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We are going to lớn look at some of the top trường đoản cú vựng today that pops up the most throughout most games. This is just an overview but if you have anything specific you want to know about that we haven’t mentioned, please make sure to leave a comment.

The Killer gaming Từ vựng

Right. Let’s get right into it guys!

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The Killer gaming Từ vựng

Right we are now going to lớn break down & contextualise all of the killer gaming từ vựng in Japanese that you are going to lớn need lớn know to lớn own some noobs in your gaming exploits. Lets start with this word first:

レベルReburuCấp độSo as you can imagine you can use this in numerous ways, you could ask what màn chơi is your competitor on or what level they are. Let’s look at the next.

ラスボス戦Rasubosu Senlast boss battleThis will be hữu dụng to lớn know when you are about khổng lồ lock horns with the final boss in your game. So as you can see we have “rasubosu” which means “last boss” & then “sen” which means battle.

雑魚ざこZakoYou know those pesky little mobs that get in your way all the time? Yeah, this is how you talk about those creatures.

試 合しあいshiai

a game; a match

This is one of the most essential in todays list. You can use this to ask when the match or game will being & also what type your friends or competitors are looking lớn play.

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経験値けいけんちkeikenchiEXPAh, the integral XPhường bar, oh the hours spent grinding lớn reach the top levels! This is how you can refer to lớn XPhường. in your games.

攻 撃こうげきkougekiTấn côngThis is the word for attaông chồng, certainly an absolute necessity in any violent gaming ventures. Whether its attacking a thành phố or an enemy, you can use kougeki to lớn say “attack”

防御ぼうぎょbougyoPhòng thủNow you can’t have sầu a good attachồng without a good defense, these two go hand in h&.

相 手あ い てaiteopponentWhether your facing off against a 4 armed titan or an evil badger, you can use the word aite to lớn mean “opponent”

必殺技ひっさつわざhissatsuwazamost powerful attackAre you ready to unleash your most powerful attack? If you are looking lớn finish your enemy & have sầu saved up enough stamina khổng lồ unleash your ultimate technique, you can say, “hissatsuwaza“ lớn describe your final / ultimate attaông chồng.

シーンSheenCutsceneAh the pesky cut scene, if you can’t skip this then unfortunately your going khổng lồ have to endure without some intense gaming for the time being. TO be fair, sometimes the story’s from certain cut scenes are awesome và can get you hyped for the next level.

ポーズPoozuPauseHusband, wife, mum or dad calling you down for dinner? Time to lớn pause the game. Looking lớn rest those thumbs for a while? Looks like a pause is your best option herer. For this you can say: “Poozu“

メニューMenyuuMenuThis word has lớn be included in our danh sách as this is your access point into the game itself. It’s pretty easy khổng lồ remember as its very close to lớn the English “menu”

設定SetteiSettingsLastly we have “settings” this is where you can change the language of your game so if you want lớn change something into Japanese, head here first. There can be a lot of difficult kanji here too so make sure to lớn brush up on that too.

So there we have sầu it guys, make sure to get all of this từ bỏ vựng inkhổng lồ your anki system and try và make as many examples sentences as you can lớn help retain the trường đoản cú vựng. Obviously, the more gaming that you vị with native sầu Japanese speakers, the better you will become with the language. You will also get more confident with speaking and interaction too so that’s why its definitely something that we encourage.

Okay all you gamers we really hope that you have enjoyed today’s special gaming article from us. If you have any questions at all or any more ideas for nội dung that you would lượt thích us to lớn cover, please bởi not hesitate khổng lồ get in touch as we always live to hear from you guys. We hope you are all doing well with your studies & stay tuned for more articles coming soon. 

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