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MyAviva is the simple way to lớn view và manage your Aviva insurance, savings and investment policies in one place, at home page or on the go.

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It’s safe, secure và easy lớn use on all devices.

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UK customers and shareholders

What would you like to lớn do?

. . If we’ve sầu sent you an activation code, this will help tốc độ up the registration of your account. (It starts with three letters eg MYA, SHR or FST).?? . Find out more about MyAviva in this video:



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Aviva completes sale of entire shareholding in joint venture in Indonesia (“PT Astra Aviva Life”)

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Cách đùa baccaratA big win for championing customers & brokers

18 Nov 2020


Our customers

Cách nghịch baccaratBoundaries between work & home becoming increasingly blurred

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Cách nghịch baccaratAviva opens one of the UK’s largest solar & energy storage initiatives

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Over half of mid-lifers have never calculated when they can afford khổng lồ retire

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Covid-19 - our response

Cách nghịch baccaratHow we're supporting our communities, colleagues & customers.

Diversity and inclusion

Cách chơi baccaratWe believe sầu everyone at Aviva should be able to lớn be themselves.

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