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The Clashofhouses Heroic Race Guide is here! Complete tasks and race against other players. The only event that awards Heroic Dragons! Heroics are the strongest Dragons in the game.

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Get the heroic rồng garanteed (delivered after the race) by winning or reaching lap 15 or higher

Lap Information

See lap details for the Clashofhouses Heroic Race Use this lớn guide yourself to lớn victory!

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Heroic Race FAQ

What does Pool Mean?

In the heroic race, the pool is the maximum number of items available to collect at the very start of the mission. The pool always starts off full Once you start emptying the pool, new items will fill the pool according to lớn the wait time You cannot collect any items if the pool is empty - you will have lớn wait for the pool lớn fill baông chồng up the pool must have sầu at least one thắng lợi in it khổng lồ collect. use the lap information & remember details about the pool, the game will not tell you this information.

What does Wait time mean?

Wait time is the amount of time required for a new thành quả to lớn be added to lớn the pool. This only matters when the pool is not big enough khổng lồ complete the mission in one go. the pool starts regenerating new items as soon as you collect your first chiến thắng. BUT it will rephối that cooldown everytime you collect an item! So start any timers only after depleting the pool completely.

What is Min. Time?

Minimum time is a calculation of the quickest time the pool will refill khổng lồ complete the mission the calculation is (RequiredItems - Pool) * Wait Time Once you empty the pool, start a timer because you have to wait this long for items lớn regenerate.

Heroic Race Tips

Best way to lớn collect gold for Heroic Race tasks?

The best way to collect gold is by having more habitats. Each time you collect gold you have sầu a chance lớn collect an item! You also have sầu a higher chance to lớn collect gold when your habbitat is full of gold. This is visibile when the gold ibé is no longer see-through. Collecting gold is one of the easiest items lớn collect for the Heroic Race. Having more habitats = more chances lớn get items from collecting gold. Another way to quickly increase the amount of gold you can collect is lớn power up your dragons You can save your powerups for the tasks in the heroic race that require you khổng lồ power up dragons. But you should prioritise dragons that give the most gold per minute lưu ý that once a dragons màn chơi increases above sầu màn chơi 10 - the increase in gold / level halves. Your rarest dragons usually will pay the most gold per minute. You can also try & focus on habitats like Terra habitats which get full quicker, but its not always the best stratergy, because its not great once the heroic race ends!

Best way khổng lồ collect food for Heroic Race tasks?


The best way to lớn collect food is by buying the cheapest option over và over again. Each time you collect food you have sầu a chance to lớn collect an công trình, so buy the 50 gold option in every food farm & vì it fastest! You have a higher chance to lớn get items the more food purchased but the bigger foods takes much longer to lớn grow and clayên ổn. Thats why its advised to always use the 50 gold option called "Backyard Garderner". Collecting food more often = more chances to get items from collecting food. If you still really want to grow large food options, then maybe consider buying 1 very expensive food option, that takes 9, 12 or 24 hours. Meanwhile you can use every other farm khổng lồ cycle the 50 gold food collection.

Best way to breed dragons for Heroic Race tasks?


The best way to lớn breed dragons is to lớn use Terra + Terra. It may take many tries, and failed attempts, but its the quickest way to lớn get multiple items. once you"ve sầu bred the Terra + Terra dragons - you can sell the egg after hatch time (if you dont need hatching items) - or place them on Terra habitats, they can be powered up later too. For each item, expect to breed up khổng lồ 30-40 times. it takes a lot of attempts! The alternative is lớn use the slower way with long breeds to lớn garantee an công trình, but other players might overtake you while you vì chưng this. Long term goal: Try lớn unloông chồng the 3 available breeding areas when they become availble via gems from completing rewards / surveys (this can take a long time - or you could spend money, but that is not a great use of money). Breeding more often = more chances to lớn get items from breeding. If you manage to lớn unlochồng all of the breeding buildings, and all slots on the hatchery, place them all near each other (this will be near the second islvà due khổng lồ the breeding sanctuary)

Best way khổng lồ hatch dragons for Heroic Race tasks?


The best way khổng lồ hatch dragons is to use Terra + Terra that you"ve bred. Again, it will take many trys, và failed attempts, but its the quickest way khổng lồ get multiple items. For each thành phầm, expect lớn hatch up lớn 30-40 times. it takes a lot of attempts. Otherwise the slower way is khổng lồ use other long eggs lớn garantee an chiến thắng, but other players might overtake you. Try to lớn unloông chồng the 3 available breeding areas AND upgraded hatchery (5 eggs at once) when they become availble. If you manage lớn unlock all of the breeding buildings, and all slots on the hatchery, place them all near each other (this will be near the second island due lớn the breeding sanctuary)

Best way lớn feed dragons for Heroic Race tasks?

The best way to lớn feed dragons is lớn use the Terra dragons you hatched in the previous missions. But if you didnt use this tactic, then another option is lớn power up other dragons that are aleardy on low cấp độ. the lower the cấp độ of Long the less food it costs - but it takes more luck khổng lồ get items. I find powering up level 1 dragons khổng lồ level 6 takes little food, but can give 5-6 items. One thing I vị outside of Heroic Races is leave all my newly aquired dragons at màn chơi 1 - và only power up dragons when the Heroic Race is on. This is a great way lớn complete the task, because these dragons needed powering up anyway

Best way to Battle Dragons in the Heroic Race?


The best way lớn battle dragons is khổng lồ set yourself a timer reminding you when the next battle is. Use the information above sầu lớn see which battle will take the longest. A popular tactic is lớn use your không lấy phí spin when you have sầu the longest battle khổng lồ compelte. Using the miễn phí spin garantees at least 1 task will be auto-completed, doing this against the longest battle saves the most time and is most efficient.

Best way khổng lồ Complete Temporary Quest battles for the Heroic Race?


The Temporary Quest battle items are the least frequent task in the early stages of the Heroic Race. Sometimes you will want lớn be always completing your Temporary quests because they have sầu good rewards (Like food, dragon orbs or collection items ) completing temporary quests is also a great way lớn level up dragons ranks. However one of the best things to lớn vị is always make sure you dont have sầu Temporary quests on cooldown for the heroic race Otherwise you will be waiting until the quest allows you to lớn battle again

Best way khổng lồ Complete PVP League battles for the Heroic Race?


The best way to complete PVP for the Heroic race is to have sầu fully powered up dragons và full charges khổng lồ complete League. Sometimes League Battles can be really hard, other players have full heroic dragons at high levels. you have to lớn make a decision if you want lớn reset your League battles or not - this will give you a fresh phối of players khổng lồ verse. it will however not refresh your charges (only gems và beating everyone will refresh your battle limit). You can also aim towards unlocking the 6th Dragon Tower (Winstance - 20%+ Life & Damage) which makes this task a little easier! Make sure you only complete the required number of League battles & not too many It could slow you down if you have sầu to wait for your League counter to lớn recharge

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