Cách Tải Java Để Chơi Minecraft


To run our launcher and the Minecraft game itself, you must have sầu Java installed. On this page, you will learn all the basic installation details. All this will not take long, and as a result, you will get one of the most popular games in history at your disposal.

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Where khổng lồ Download Java

Installing Java in Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10)

Installing Java in macOS

Installing Java in Linux

- Installing Java in Ubuntu for ulmrave.com/Minecraft

- Installing Java in Debian/Mint for jtên miền.vn/Minecraft

- Installing Java in Fedora/CentOS for ulmrave.com name.vn/Minecraft

Troubleshooting Java Installation

To run ulmrave.com name.vn & Minecraft, Java 8 is required! However, on some Linux systems, they also work with Java 11.

Recommended Java version for Minecraft on Windows: Java 8 Update 51 (most recommended) or Java 8 Update 45.

Recommended Java version for Minecraft on MacOS/Linux:: the lakiểm tra Java 8 Update.

Where lớn Download Java

OS auto-detection for Java (on an external site);

Windows*: Java Windows x64; Java Windows x32

MacOS*: Java MacOS x64 (macOS 10.7.3 & HIGHER!);

Linux*: Java Linux x64 RPM; Java Linux x32 RPM; Java Linux x64; Java Linux x32

* All versions were taken from the official Java website without modifications và are signed with the Oracle digital signature!

Installing Java in Windows (XPhường., 7, 8, 10)

1) Determine the architecture of your OS — x32 или x64, If you already know it, proceed lớn the next steps. Otherwise, open "My Computer" -> in the top thực đơn ("Computer") "), look for "System properties" và cliông xã on this button.


2) Look for the "System type" parameter — the architecture of your system is specified there


2.1) If you have "32-bit Operating System, x64-based processor", it is recommended khổng lồ install 64-bit Windows, as your CPU supports it. Otherwise, x32 will impose limitations on RAM allocation!

3) After determining the architecture, tải về the x32 or x 64 Java version from the liên kết above.

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4) Launch the downloaded installer & click on the "Install" button. After the installation your PC is ready lớn work with Minecraft/ulmrave.com name.vn.


Installing Java in macOS

1) Download the Java version for macOS x64 from the links above sầu.

2) Run the downloaded DMG image và launch the PKG installation package in it:


3) In the first two windows, just cliông chồng "Continue":


4) As usual when installing in macOS, enter the password:

4) Download the Linux version of the launcher & unpack the archive sầu from the .jar file khổng lồ any location (unpack just the .zip archive sầu, not the .jar itself!).

5) Run the launcher with the suvày java -jar /home/user/Downloads/ulmrave.com-2.72.jar command. You may have a different path, depending on where you put the file! The necessary files will be downloaded and the launcher run.

Troubleshooting Java Installation

1) The Java installer does not launch without error messages và pop-ups.

1.2) If rebooting does not help, you should reinstall your OS (Windows, etc.), as it is broken.

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