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a time during an activity or process when an important decision has to lớn be made or when a situation changes completely:
a tipping point in sth Many developed countries are getting cđại bại khổng lồ a tipping point in their attitude to the environment.

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be at a tipping point Employers could find themselves at a tipping point, where so few employees participate in their health-care plans it threatens their ability lớn obtain group coverage.
reach/approach/near a tipping point Employee anger over pay violations in the restaurant industry may have reached a tipping point.
After the tipping point has been reached, even those opposed to the giải pháp công nghệ can no longer avoid it.
Within this mã sản phẩm, adolescence is described as a period of intense change that serves as the tipping point for the onset of borderline personality disorder.
He had reached that tipping point in the long struggle of the chemically dependent where he star ted khổng lồ move away from the street.
The long-assumed tipping point of indigenous agro-pastoralism in the calamitous 1890s (rinderpest, rebellion & retaliatory lvà seizures) is shown khổng lồ have had a class & gender dimension.
Failure khổng lồ act now means humankind will hurtle towards a tipping point from which there is no return.
We will reach the tipping point in this country by focusing and spending the money on the young và subjecting them to intensive sầu, residential rehabilitation.
If that had been the tipping point for the panel, there could he concern about whether the panel had checked whether the procedure had taken place.
Somatic stem cell therapies, which are those that use stem cells extracted from humans after they are born or from the umbilical cord & placenta, are at a tipping point.
Wagons would run along a length of temporary track by gravity, until they arrived at the tipping point, where they would be emptied.
When a tipping point- the critical threshold- is reached, a small change in human activity can have sầu long-term consequences on the environment.
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