Fix lỗi 0x2000 lgup

If you are stuông xã at the firmware update screen with 0%. You’re not alone. This is how I fixed my LG G4 after 3 days being stuchồng at this screen.

Bạn đang đọc: Fix lỗi 0x2000 lgup

Before we begin you should know how to flash a stoông xã ROOM using LGUP tool. Click here if you don’t know how khổng lồ use LGUPhường.

1. Download this zip file

2. Unzip it

3. Copy both DLL files into thư mục 8994. C:Program Files (x86)LG ElectronicsLGUPmodel8994old DLL file

That’s it. Now you should be able lớn unbricked your LG phone.

I vày not own any credits for this solution. Here is more information about this solution.

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