Head Glitch là gì

Popular Hotline of Duty YouTuber TheXclusiveAce discovered what appears khổng lồ be a potentially game-breaking problem with the new Modern Warfare.

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Merely hours after a patch that brought two new maps và provided much-needed balance updates and bug fixes, TheXclusiveAce discovered what he describes as “another big problem with Modern Warfare”.

TheXclusiveAce’s newfound discovery is very similar khổng lồ the notorious “head glitch”. “Head glitching” is a tactic that”s been used in many FPS games for years.


As (roughly) illustrated, “Head glitching” is when a player gets behind cover in a way that shows only their head. Since the camera angle in FPS games is located around eye cấp độ, the player ends up having a clear line of sight. Able to ayên ổn at targets freely. From the perspective of other players, it appears that bullets are traveling from the player head glitching’s eyeballs, rather than the gun. Making it exceptionally difficult for enemy players to lớn fight baông xã. All they can see is the top of the head glitcher’s head while the head glitcher can see them unobscured.

Head glitching is not technically a glitch. It”s simply an unavoidable flaw in the camera mechanics of FPS games. Developers have sầu attempted khổng lồ lessen the advantage head glitching gives in the past. But it is hard to eliminate it entirely. These same camera mechanics are what gives way for the problem discovered by TheXclusiveAce khổng lồ make its way into the game.

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So What Did TheXclusiveAce Discover?

TheXclusiveAce describes his discovery as an extreme example of “peeker’s advantage”. While playing casually, his girlfriend Enya was killed by someone that she couldn’t see on her screen at all. This can be seen at the beginning of his Clip on the subject.

Afterward, TheXclusiveAce decided lớn go inlớn a private match lớn figure out what happened. What he discovered was that at certain angles, it’s possible for player 1 khổng lồ see over half the toàn thân of player 2. While player 2 can’t see player 1 at all. This is due to the same camera mechanics we described when discussing “head glitching”. When abused, this new issue can give a player a massive sầu advantage over others.


Camera and perspective issues like these are hard to lớn eliminate entirely due lớn how character models work in FPS games. TheXclusiveAce hopes that Infinity Ward can release a patch lớn at least lessen the discrepancy. It”s in Modern Warfare for Infinity Ward and Activision”s best interest khổng lồ implement a solution sooner rather than later.

This was only just discovered publicly yesterday, it”s yet khổng lồ be seen how players will use this new revelation to lớn their advantage. If it goes unpatched too long, more and more players will start to exploit it. This may result in an even further increase in Modern Warefare’s “campy” nature.

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