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Penang Love Bridge

Seal your love! Possibly inspired by the European tradition of putting a padlock and throwing the key into a River Seine below, this site on Penang Hill carries forward a pioneering tradition and... More

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Miradouro domain authority Senhora vày Monte

Lisbon"s cityscape is littered with many steep hills which allows for several vantage points with magnificent views over the city. There are many terraces or plazas from where one can look over t... More


A European romance

Pizza, Pasta & Paris Actor Tejaswini Kolhapure"s whirlwind Eurotrip was touch-and-go, but she can"t be happy enough that she actually embarked on it. So when her European sojourn to Milan, Pari... More


Trattoria da Romano

Trattoria domain authority Romano is a famous family-run fish restaurant located on the colourful island of Burano, about half an hour boat ride away from Venice. The island of Burano is a lovely day trip in i... More


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Honey da Dhaba

One of the oldest north Indian restaurants in eastern Kolkata, Honey domain authority Dhaba is ideal for those who wish to savour north Indian delicacies without burning a hole in their pocket. This truly affo... More

Da Barbara

Located in Solanas, on the south of Sardinia và about one hour drive from Cagliari, da Barbara is one of the best restaurants in the region. It has been around for a long time, & it is very po... More

Da Maurizio Bar Ristorante

Arguably the most thắm thiết dining spot on Phuket Island, da Maurizio is a beachfront fine dining experience surpassed by none. An exceptional view of Kalim bay with a fresh sea breeze and water s... More

Trattoria Capri da Rico

Serving over 100 authentic Italian dishes, Trattoria Capri domain authority Rico is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Phuket. The place with its friendly atmosphere and a range of delicious Italian deli... More





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