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The 19-year-old student at the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, Luong Thuy Linh happened lớn be Miss World Vietnam 2019 on Saturday night after winning a Vietnamese beauty competition.

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The 1.77-meter high girl from northern Cao Bang region competed with 38 other young women in the final round of the beauty pageant performed in central da Nang city.

Linh will stand for Vietnam to lớn attend the 2019 Miss World slated for December in England; she wore a crown made from gold, pearls, diamond & gemstones value USD130, 000.

She also got a cash award of USD13, 000.

According to lớn local media, Nguyen Ha Kieu Loan from Quang phái nam provincewas the first runner-up who will have the opportunity to lớn compete at the Miss Grand International 2019.

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Nguyen Tuong San from Hanoi was named the second runner-up who will take part in theMiss Intercontinental 2019 pageant.

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