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Quickly get your artwork ready to print, embroider, cut, & more with the world's best full-color auto-tracer!

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Animation showing Vector Magic convert a JPG, PNG, BMPhường or GIF bitbản đồ image khổng lồ an SVG, PDF, EPS, AI or DXF vector image.

Automatically convert JPG, PNG, BMPhường., and GIF bitmaps images to lớn true SVG, EPS, và PDF vector images online by simply uploading them. Real full-color tracing, no software khổng lồ install & results are ready right away!

Stand-alone desktop application lớn convert bitbản đồ images khổng lồ vector images offline. Supports all the Online Edition tệp tin formats, plus AI & DXF output. Works seamlessly with Illustrator, Corel, & others.

Desktop Application

Need to get artwork ready khổng lồ print, cut, or embroider? Vector Magic can help you tame your image flow. Speed up turnaround times, minimize pre-print hassles, and lower your costs!

Your hình ảnh sản phẩm represents your br& & is used across a wide range of media: your website, business cards, flyers, banners, etc. Ensure a consistent & crisp display in all contexts by having it in vector format.

Quickly get bitbản đồ source material inkhổng lồ your vector compositions, opening up a range of creative possibilities. Or go old-school & draw something on paper, then scan, vectorize, & refine your creation.

Create an artistic effect from your photos, vectorize graphs or maps, turn scanned artwork inkhổng lồ something more flexible, & much more. Try it out today!


1. Upload

Upload a bitmaps image và we automatically figure out what settings lớn use and trace the image for you.


2. nhận xét và Edit

You can đánh giá the vector result, tweak the settings & even edit the result, all within the same tool.


3. Download

The result is delivered in SVG, EPS, and PDF formats. The desktop edition also produces AI & DXF.


Fully automatic vectorization

Vector Magic analyzes your image & automatically detects appropriate settings to lớn vectorize it with, & then goes ahead and traces out the underlying shapes in full color. This makes getting started a real breeze: just upload your image & preskhổng lồ, a result to lớn review!

Naturally you can revise the auto-detected settings. Vector Magic offers you meaningful settings that are comprehensible khổng lồ humans, not just khổng lồ a machine, and they"re easy to lớn change.

Read the full tutorial »

Need lớn convert JPG to lớn SVG? Look to Vector Magic for the best results in the industry.


Sub-pixel precision

Vector Magic carefully traces out every bit of information available in your image, slicing each edge pixel at precisely the right spot to re-create the intention of your original.

This allows us lớn tease out small details that are lost by other tools, pushing the envelope of how small you can go before a nuance of your input đầu vào is lost.

Clients often give their logos in PNG format, but you may need lớn convert to lớn SVG to print them. They can take hours to re-draw. Instead, use Vector Magic and you"ll often get great results in just seconds.

The right number of nodes

If you"ve used other auto-tracing tools before, you may have sầu noticed just what an awful number of nodes they use to create your result, & just how weirdly they place them.

Vector Magic is a breath of fresh air, intelligently selecting the right number of nodes to use, and placing them at excellent locations.

This makes working with the results much easier và reduces tệp tin sizes.

Vector Magic is bar none the world"s best PNG to SVG converter. If you need to convert PNG to lớn SVG, look no further.

Edit the result

Not only does Vector Magic offer you easy to use settings, we also let you edit the result, both online and in the desktop ứng dụng.

You can eliminate unwanted shapes, connect shapes that have been separated, fix broken lines, & separate shapes that should not be touching, all in the khung of an easy-to-use pixel-style editor.

This remarkable feature can be a real life-saver when there are a few small blemishes in your result.

Watch a đoạn Clip showing how to lớn edit the result »

For some reason, nobody seems to keep originals around in EPS format. Whenever you need to lớn convert khổng lồ EPS, always try Vector Magic first.


Tracing not Embedding

Vector Magic always traces your bitmap, carefully teasing out the underlying shapes in it, and provides you with a real vector image with all of its benefits.

In contrast, there are numerous services available online that clalặng khổng lồ convert bitmaps lớn vectors, but that in reality just embed the pixels without actually tracing them inlớn vector shapes.

This leaves you with a file that will still be blurry when scaled, & will not be usable for cutting, sewing, laser engraving, or other purposes that require a real vector.

Save sầu yourself the frustration và go with Vector Magic for real vectorization!

Graphic designers often need to lớn convert JPG to SVG. Use Vector Magic to get the job done fast.

It is revolutionary!
J. Holland
Vector Magic has become one of my most frequently (and secretly...) used tools. It's been invaluable in many projects and I love sầu the ease of use và accuracy. Top job và thanks!

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J. Wilson, Jimzip Productions
All I can say is WOW! Should have sầu had this a long time ago. Edges come out sharp và clean. Thanks for a great hàng hóa.
G Fuller, Owner, KEveryware Embroidery & Screenprinting
I love sầu your sản phẩm – it was exactly what I was looking for. It's intuitive sầu and worked really well.
D. Brown, Designer, ddb creative

Vector Magic turns the difficult và tedious task of tracing a bitmaps by hand into lớn an effortless click-click-done experience. Get bachồng in control of your images!


If you compare results from other tools, you will notice that Vector Magic produces vectors that are more faithful khổng lồ the bitmap original. This makes them often immediately usable, and if cleanup is required there"s much less of it.


With the high cost of outsourcing and the time hand-tracing takes, Vector Magic pays for itself with even a minimum of use. And since usage is unlimited, it always makes sense to lớn try it on any image you need vectorized.


Why wait when you don"t have sầu to? Vector Magic returns results right away so that you can get on with your day và what really matters.

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Examples - Tutorials - Pricing

Bitbản đồ images vs Vector imagesWhat's the difference between JPG, PNG, GIF images and SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, DXF files?

Vector images consist of shapes like circles, rectangles, lines and curves, while bitmaps images, also known as raster images, consist of a grid of pixels. Vectorization or tracing is the process of taking a bitmap image và re-drawing it as a vector image.

The shapes in vector images allow computers khổng lồ do things that cannot be done with bitmap images, like scale them to lớn any kích cỡ without loss of chất lượng & using them lớn e.g. cut, sew, paint, & laser engrave sầu.




Underlying shapes
Vector image

Learn more about vector images »

Bitmaps image file formats

There is a large number of different bitmap formats. Some of the most common are: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMPhường, và TIFF. Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories:

Lossy formats

These have sầu smaller tệp tin sizes but vì chưng not store a perfect copy of the image. They are best suited khổng lồ photographs and other images where perfect accuracy is not important. They are also commonly used on the web to save bandwidth.


One of the most widely-used image formats. It has excellent compression characteristics và has the nice feature that the user may specify what level of compression they desire, trading off fidelity for tệp tin kích cỡ.

We vị not recommover using JPEG files for rasterized vector art, as the compression artifacts substantially degrade the quality of the image near edges.

Lossless formats

These store an exact pixel-by-pixel representation of the image, but require more space. They are more suitable for things like logos.


The best of the lossless image formats is called PNG (Portable Network Graphics). This format is widely supported by website browsers and image viewers/editors.

Vector Magic recommends using the PNG format when storing logos as bitmaps.


There are actually several BMP formats (BitMaP). Windows and Macintosh have sầu their own formats, both of which are called BMP.. Most modern image editing tools are able lớn read both.

In any case, all of the variants of BMP should be avoided when possible, as they use little lớn no compression and consequently have sầu unnecessarily large file sizes.

Vector image tệp tin formats


Adobe"s EPS format (Encapsulated PostScript) is perhaps the most common vector image format. It is the standard interchange format in the print industry. It is widely supported as an export format, but due to lớn the complexity of the full format specification, not all programs that clayên ổn to lớn support EPS are able to lớn import all variants of it. Adobe Illustrator and recent versions of CorelDRAW have sầu very good tư vấn for reading and writing EPS. Ghostview can read it very well but does not have sầu any editing capabilities. Inkscape can only export it.


The W3C standard vector image format is called SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Inkscape & recent versions of Adobe Illustrator và CorelDRAW have sầu good support for reading and writing SVG. Further information on the SVG format may be found on the official SVG website.


Adobe"s PDF format (Portable Document Format) is very widely used as a general purpose platform-independent document format. And while it is not exclusively used as such, it is also a very good vector image format. Adobe gives away the Acrobat PDF reader, but sells the tools required to lớn create PDF files (third buổi tiệc ngọt tools that persize the same task are also for sale). Those tools work with any program that is able to print. Support for reading & editing PDF files is much more limited.


The native sầu format of Adobe Illustrator is the AI format (Adobe Illustrator Artwork), a modified version of the older EPS format. The AI format is fairly widely supported, but is less ubiquitous than the EPS format, and most programs that read AI can also read EPS.


Drawing eXchange Format. A CAD format from Autodesk, used by CAD tools from many different vendors. Some programs have difficulty reading DXF files with splines (curves), so the Desktop Edition supports line+spline as well as line only output modes.

There are numerous other vector formats: CDR is the CorelDRAW native sầu format & XAR is the Xara Xtreme native sầu format, to name a couple.

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