Whether you just need a menu of the names of the Seven Dwarfs or you want khổng lồ know more about the Seven Dwarfs & how they all got their name, this is for you!

Since Walt’s first feature length film came out in 1937, everyone has fallen in love with Snow White & her adorable Seven Dwarfs. And we all know Snow White & how she’s the fairest of them all, right?

But how many times have you asked yourself “What are the Seven Dwarfs names?” or even “What where the Seven Dwarfs original names?” (did you KNOW they had original names?).

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There’s so much to learn about the seven dwarfs so let’s get started.


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Seven Dwarfs FAQWhat Songs do The Seven Dwarfs Sing?

How the Seven Dwarfs Got Started

Snow White, which is also known as “Keeper of the Dwarfs” was originally published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm. It was included in their first edition Grimm’s Fairy Tales collection.

The Grimms had a few different versions of the Snow white story và completed their final revision in 1854. In the original story, Snow trắng ate all the seven dwarfs food, drank some of their wine & tested all their beds until she fell asleep in one.

Ultimately the dwarfs found her và allowed her to lớn stay with them in exchange for her cleaning their house! Quite a different story from the Walt Disney version where she cleaned the house first, before the dwarfs came home!

There’s a few other differences between the 2 stories but the biggest one is that in the Brothers Grimm tale, there were dwarfs but none of them had names.


photo credit Alexis Lariscy

The Seven Dwarfs Get Names

Fast forward a hundred years to 1912. Winthrop Ames (pseudonym “Jessie Braham White”) produced a Broadway play of Snow white in which he gave names lớn the dwarfs.

Their names were Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick, and….Quee. (Not Quick?Come on!) Blick was the oldest & Quee was the youngest in this play.

Walt Disney’s Snow White

Now it’s 25 years later, 1937, & Walt Disney sets out to take Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the big screen with his very first animated movie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t without problems.

It took three years khổng lồ create & though the movie was budgeted at $250,000, it ended up costing $1.5 million which was an astronomical amount of money in 1937!


In fact, at one point, Walt had lớn mortgage his trang chủ to pay for production costs. Even with all this time và money devoted to lớn the movie, no one knew if it would become a flop or a hit.

It was called “Walt Disney’s Folly” by the critics before it’s release but after it came out, the rest, as they say, is history.It was a huge success và the money made from this wonderful motion picture provided the financial security for Walt to lớn move forward with all his great efforts thereafter.

Renaming of the Seven Dwarfs

Walt knew that the movie would need khổng lồ center around the dwarfs in order for it to lớn work.The Witch was a villain, the Prince was only shown briefly và Snow white was sweet but lacked the charisma lớn hold an audience.


It needed to be the dwarfs và their great personalities that would make the movie magic! Walt decided to name each of the seven dwarfs by the personality each one possessed.

The long và tedious act of coming up with names ensued. Some potential names were: Burpy, Jumpy, Deafy, Dizzey, Hickey, Baldy, Gabby, Nifty, Sniffy, Swift, Lazy, Puffy, Stuffy, Tubby, Shorty, và Wheezy.

This is just a few of the many names considered before they reached the final seven…Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy and Dopey.

Seven Dwarfs Names


That’s right! The final menu of the Seven Dwarfs names were:


How many of those did you remember?

Let’s dive into each of the 7 Dwarfs and learn about them! Here we go!



Doc, voiced by Roy Atwell in the movie, is the self proclaimed leader of the group. He is bossy và a bit absent minded but very lovable.

Walt had commented that Doc’s flustered personality should be such that he needed his fellow dwarfs reminding him of things.

He gets tongue tied and looses his train of thought in mid sentences. All the other dwarfs follow his lead except Grumpy who often objects to things he says. You can find out much more about Doc here.



Bashful was voiced by Scotty Mattraw in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Shy and always blushing, Bashful likes khổng lồ hide behind his beard when feeling embarrassed.

He obviously doesn’t lượt thích the center of attention but equally doesn’t like disappointing Snow white because he has a crush on her. When Snow trắng asked to giới thiệu a story with the dwarfs, it was Bashful who wanted it to lớn be a love story.

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Happy always has a smile on his face. Voiced by Otis Harlan in the film, he is known for his joyous outlook of the world. Optimistic & jovial, he loves parties, food and dancing.

He was the only Dwarf to lớn introduce himself to Snow trắng when they first met which shows his very social, extravert qualities. He is the most plump of all the Dwarfs & was originally cast lớn be a comically tragic character but that quickly changed into the bubbly sweet dwarf we see in the movie.

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Sleepy was voiced by Sterling Holloway who is best know for the voice of Winnie the Pooh. Always yawning and looking for a chance khổng lồ catch a few winks anywhere he can, Sleepy demonstrates a laid back and relaxed personality.

He does work hard và can be pretty perceptive to lớn things so don’t let the tiredness fool you into thinking he is lazy. The ongoing saga of a fly bothering him keeps an interesting gag throughout the movie.

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Sneezy was voiced by Billy Gilbert. He sneezes because of hay fever according to Walt Disney. He speaks with a tone of having a stuffy nose và will erupt in uncontrollable bouts of sneezing at different times.

The other 6 dwarfs will help him out all they can to control his sneezing. Sneezy is one of the friendliest dwarfs and has a special bond with Dopey. That’s him under the coat with Dopey on his shoulders in the film!

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Voiced by Pinto Colvig who was the original voice of Goofy, Grumpy is interestingly enough the second most popular dwarf, next khổng lồ Dopey. He’s grouchy, overbearing & has a short fuse but deep down he possesses a warm heart.

Often portrayed with a scowl và folding his arms together, he can become annoyed at the others very quickly. Even though he denied having a soft spot for Snow White, it was Grumpy that lead the others on the quest lớn rescue her.

One of the best Grumpy scenes in the movie is when Snow trắng say, “Why Grumpy, you vày care” và tries to lớn kiss him. For a split second, his true heart shows through, but unfortunately he reverts back khổng lồ his ornery self almost immediately.

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(All animated character pictures via DisneyFandom)

Dopey doesn’t ever speak in the film. He is the most loved of all the dwarfs & he gets his name because of his silly antics.

Often annoying the others, especially Grumpy and Doc, Dopey is like a toddler in that most of his shenanigans are ignored. He is always recognized by his big purple cap and over sized lime green tunic and is the only dwarf without a beard.

One interesting note.Even though Dopey doesn’t speak, he has some vocal effects throughout the movie which were done by the legendary Mel Blanc, voice of Bugs Bunny.

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Seven Dwarfs FAQ

What are the Seven Dwarfs names?


What Songs do The Seven Dwarfs Sing?

The seven dwarfs sing Heigh Ho, Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum, & The Silly Song.

Heigh-Ho Song

Six of the seven dwarfs sing “Heigh-Ho” as the head off to lớn work in the mines, và also as they come home. This tuy nhiên is truly one of the most iconic Disney songs và is instantly known around the world. Many people điện thoại tư vấn this tuy vậy “Whistle While You Work.”

Photo byjimmy desplanquesonUnsplash

This song has been in many films including in Oliver & Company, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Gremlins. A version of this tuy nhiên is used as people are leaving The Tiki Room and is also sung in The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Walt Disney World.

Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum Song

“Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum” is also known as “The Dwarfs Washing Song” & is sung while they are washing up before supper as instructed by Snow White! All the dwarfs sing this song but Doc leads it.

This is a silly tuy vậy where Grumpy refuses lớn wash và pouts, & Dopey ends up swallowing a bar of soap!

The Silly Song

The Silly tuy vậy is also sometimes called The Dwarf’s Yodel Song. This tuy nhiên was sung by the dwarfs lớn entertain Snow White và to celebrate her arrival khổng lồ her home. The dwarfs sing, dance, và play instruments. Happy & Bashful sing the verses.

Which 7 Dwarf Does Not Speak?

Dopey! Dopey is the youngest of the the seven & never spoke a word throughout the entire movie.

What Did The 7 Dwarfs Mine?

The seven dwarfs mined for diamonds.

Which Dwarf did Snow trắng Never call By Name?

Happy! For a reason unknown, Snow white never says Happy’s name.

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