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Can you believe it? I’m really introducing Asphalternative text 8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping) – an old game of Gameloft. I still know that this company has launched Asphalternative text 9 last year, but there are certain reasons for me khổng lồ decide on đánh giá this game, but most importantly, there are still many players playing now.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Asphalternative text 8: Airborne
5.6.1a (build 56101)
Unlimited Money, Free Shopping
Android 4.4

About Asphalt 8: Airborne

The structure of this article may be slightly different from the usual writing, I will focus on comparing Asphalt 8 with its successor Asphalternative text 9. And here are the reasons why Asphalternative text 8 has so many players at the moment.

Can play without a network connection


This is quite an important reason. Asphalt 9 requires players lớn connect lớn the network to play, & also limit the area. Not all players are eligible lớn play Asphalternative text 9, so Asphalternative text 8 will be a better choice.

Beautiful graphics, many old phones can still play


Asphalt 9’s graphics are rated by the experts as the most beautiful in the series. Of course, the configuration of điện thoại devices is increasingly improved, so the games that released later are naturally benefiting. But what if you’re using an old mobile device? It is still very good lớn be able to play a top racing game like Asphalt 8.

Talk a little bit about graphics. Asphalternative text 8 owns 3 chiều graphics with high detail. The effects of fire & explosion are quite nice & amazing. The landscape of the trachồng is beautiful, in addition to the weather effect và time. In particular, the sound of the car’s engine is recorded from real cars, bringing a realitis và refreshing feeling lớn the players.

The system of supercars in the game is reproduced based on reality, so players will still feel the authentithành phố of the game và the big investment of this game company. Touching to cars lượt thích Chrysler ME412 (Chrysler ME Four-Twelve), Ferrari FF, Ford 2006 GT, Mercedes CLK GTR, Mercedes SLS AMG, 2015 Ford Mustang is not something too far-fetched.



The gameplay of Asphalt 9 inherits from Asphalternative text 8, so there are not too many differences in the gameplay of these 2 versions. It’s easy khổng lồ get used khổng lồ the game, through storyline gameplay. Next, you can explore all the modes that this game brings.

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The way of control is not too much change. Still simple touches on a simple screen.

What makes Asphalt 8 is a great choice


Asphalternative text 9 forces users to lớn connect to lớn the network và it can be said that it “too expensive” although không tính phí. Free khổng lồ play, pay to win is the right word khổng lồ talk about A9. While Asphalternative text 9 players may have khổng lồ spend money, Asphalternative text 8 is a completely offline game. As such, you will benefit in many ways:

No mạng internet connection, no Internet fees when playing.It takes less batteryEspecially Asphalternative text 8 is easier to MOD, tải về và install Asphalternative text 8 MOD APK will allow players to lớn have many benefits such as Free Shop, Infinite Money or Unloông xã Supercars Free… That great, isn’t it?

New update in Asphalt 8

Version 5.6.1a

New game mode Speed TrialsNew racing car BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Special Edition

MOD APK version of Asphalternative text 8

Gameloft is famous for its ability to suck blood gamers. And this game is also on the menu because if you want to lớn buy và upgrade your car, you will have sầu lớn spkết thúc relatively much. Don’t worry, tải về & use the MOD version of this game & everything will be solved.

MOD Features

Unlimited MoneyFree Shopping


Play offline to prsự kiện from problems!

Error 0% Downloading actual game

If you get 0% Downloading actual game error, please take the following steps khổng lồ fix it.

Step 1: Install Asphalternative text 8 from Google Play. When the tải về progress increases by a few percent, you can cancel.

Step 2: Install the MOD version.

Step 3: The tải về will work normally.

Download Asphalternative text 8: Airborne MOD APK for Android

Overall, Asphalternative text 8: Airborne has changed very little compared to the previous game but doesn’t change too much lượt thích Asphalt 9. A boldness lớn the philosophy & traditional gameplay of racing games. You won’t be disappointed about Asphalternative text 8: Airborne, it’s still one of the best racing games on thiết bị di động.

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