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a trò chơi by Electronic Arts
Platform: PC
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The Vietnam War may have been one of the more shameful periods in American history, but it’s made for some great films and music. The games industry is finally catching up, và if brown is the new black, then "Nam is the new World War II. This year sees a flurry of titles released, from the gung-ho violence of Vietcong to the risible torpor of Platoon. Online, it"s been a mixed bag, và turning atrocity into multiplayer entertainment is Battlefield Vietnam, which comes with the heritage of the Battlefield 1942 series, about lớn spawn its second add-onin the shape of the fanciful Secret Weapons Of World War II.

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However, Battlefield Vietnam will be a standalone game, a fact that has already caused murmurs of message board dissent. Electronic Arts is keen to bít tất tay that the gamerepresents a sizeable leap forward. Producer Reid Schneider told us: "One thing we really want khổng lồ emphasise is it’s not just Battlefield 1942 with a Vietnamlook to lớn it. It’s an all-new game. It’s a new type of guerrilla warfare in terms of focusing it around Vietnam, và some of the ways we’re doing that is through trench warfare and booby traps. Another key part of the Vietnam experience was napalm, so that was something we felt we needed lớn integrate into the game. One of the other key elements of Vietnam was, of course, airlifting, which really changed the way battles were fought."

Bigger, Badder, Louder

Those battles were fought between the mighty US war machine & the have-a-go heroes of the North Vietnamese Army. Something of a mismatch, you might think, but Digital Illusions is doing its best khổng lồ ensure there is some kind of balance. Deciding which side you choose khổng lồ fight for will inevitably lead khổng lồ a vastly different game play experience, with the Yanks buzzing around in hi-tech helicopters, & the Vietcong trying to lớn escape on an old Vespa scooter. Clearly, the NVA will benefit from better use of the terrain, & we’ve seen one of the booby traps in operation, where a pile of logs is rolled on to lớn some hapless US troops, crushing them like woodlice.By way of riposte, the Americans will be carrying some heavy armoury, & this is an area that has received a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of attention, with EA admitting the first-person shooter elements of Battlefield 1942 weren’t asstrong as they could have been. Lớn this end, the guns in Vietnam will be far more dynamic, offering subtleties such as bullets being fed into the chamber, and even reloads based on actual field data.

Also, the weight of weapons will have some bearing, with a heavy gun enough to lớn marginally slow a player down. Ultimately though, as producer AJ Marini says: "What we wanted to vị is make sure the player firing this weapon feels like they’re firing an actual gun, it’s not just a cool weapon in the game."


Hooray For Hollywood

Vietnam veterans & war historians aside, the vast majority of people’s concept of the conflict comes from the movies, và this is something the game is hoping to lớn exploit. According to lớn Schneider "One of the key focuses was trying to deliver what people understand as the Hollywood experience of Vietnam. So the game is designed to look, sound and feel in line with what people know, which covers everything from the way it looks lớn the the sounds of the guns. We’re using Hollywood for inspiration, but it’s not a blueprint or something we feel we have to do."

As for the moral issue of setting a trò chơi in Vietnam, Schneider is adamant: "I think you face the same issues with a game set in World War II. Obviously this war was a lot more controversial, but we’re focusing on the fun aspects of it. We definitely won’t put anything in there that could be even construed as remotely offensive."

So you won’t be able to lớn wipe out villages full of children?"No, no, no, no, no," both producers cry in unison, with Marini continuing, "That’s not part of the Battlefield franchise. Somehow in Battlefield 1942, the whole idea of World War II was very heroic và almost comic book. This is definitely a grungier war, so elements we’ve built in enhance that feel và make it feel more lượt thích Vietnam, but nothing controversial lượt thích burning babies. Even the napalm doesn’t bum the bodies."


"There is a charring of people," grins Schneider.According khổng lồ Marini: "Little elements lượt thích soldiers having messages on their helmets that may have some political J overtones. They" re there | ust for feel. It"s unavoidable."But you can"t sanitise it entirely? " "We don"t want to. Some games are doing that," says Schneider, "but it"s not a bộ vi xử lý core value of this concept. It"s not a route we want khổng lồ go down." Neither did the Vietnamese.

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