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The Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) was one of the greatest in Imperial Chinese history. It was a golden age of reform và cultural advancement which lay the foundation for policies which are still observed in trung quốc today. The second emperor, Taizong...

Taizong (birth name, Li-Shimin, l. 598-649 CE, r. 626-649 CE) was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty & is considered one of the greatest rulers in Chinese history for his reforms of the government & the laws, his religious tolerance...

In this article, we interview the creators of Old World, the new upcoming game by Mohawk Games. We are here with Leyla Johnson, the head writer of the game and CEO, & Soren Johnson, who is the creative director. Jan (Ancient History...

Xuanzong (birth name, Li Longji, l. 685-762 CE, r. 712-756 CE) was the 7th emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China, whose domestic & foreign policies established the Tang Dynasty as the Golden Age in Chinese history. Many of the most important...

Emperor Gaozu (also Kao-tsu, formerly Li Yuan, r. 618-626 CE) was a Sui military commander who led a rebellion against his former masters, seized control of the state, và founded the Tang Dynasty (618-906 CE). Overshadowed in the ancient...
The art of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) began to explore new possibilities in materials and styles with landscape painting and ceramics, in particular, coming to the fore. New techniques, a wider range of colours & an increase in connoisseurship...
A terracotta bust of the Etruscan god Tin/Tinia, head of the pantheon and equivalent khổng lồ Zeus/Jupiter. 300-250 BCE. (Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich)
The thể thao known simply as the Ball game was played by all the major Mesoamerican civilizations và the impressive stone courts became a feature of many cities. More than just a game, it could have a religious significance và featured in...
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy Audience: Hardcore Strategy Gamers Difficulty: Hard Aggressors: Ancient Rome is a turn-based 4X strategy trò chơi in which you control the fate of an ancient...
Wuzong of Tang (also Wu-Tsung, formerly Li Yan) reigned as emperor of trung quốc from 840 lớn 846 CE. He is best remembered today for his persecution of Buddhists, the worst such attack in all of China"s history, & his early death by insanity...

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