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I am confident that, if the 2017 trò chơi Awards for the best troll game, Getting Over It APK will definitely win this award.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeRequiresMOD Features
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Noodlecake Studios
Android 5.0

About Getting Over It

It is unbelievable, a game with simple graphics, average graphics can create a fever around the world, with tens of millions of downloads in just a few days. Developed by Bennett Foddy, Getting Over It is a freak, fun & humorous game that has an inhibited gameplay. You may not believe it, but try searching for “Getting Over It” on Google, there are millions of results related to this game.

Fun gameplay


When I first tried the game, I was convinced that you would have to lớn laugh at it for its super muddy gameplay. You will become a naked guy and trapped the underbody toàn thân in a jar. The only thing you have sầu is a sledgehammer, và you have sầu khổng lồ control this guy climb the mountain with that sledgehammer in the journey to find his lost pants.

Besides the humor, the gameplay of Getting Over It also brings inhibition as Flappy Bird. There are countless terrain types in the game, & you only have sầu a hammer to lớn help you get past them. You need khổng lồ hook this hammer to lớn any surface along the way like branches, cliffs … to lớn advance as far as possible. Say it is simple, but try to lớn play, not easy as I say a little.

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The reason for the difficulty of the game is that obstacles & cliffs are hazardous và steep. If you bởi not have a wise move sầu tactic, you may get stuchồng for several days. Only a few mistakes can cause you to fall off the cliff and have lớn climb baông xã from the beginning. This will make you spover hours on it, whether it owns no graphics or a complicated story.

From an anonymous game khổng lồ a trend


At first, when it was released on PC & điện thoại, Getting Over It, as well as other titles, did not have sầu a popular name. But the turning point came when Pewdiepie – The most popular Youtuber in the world record a đoạn phim that plays this game. And the hilarity và hardship of this game have sầu spread khổng lồ millions of gamers around the world. Famous people in the game world such as Faker, Huni, Pewdiepie also took many hours lớn overcome the task in this game. It is rare that a game has the power to lớn make a big impact and so fast.

Getting Over It will be available on all platforms


Download Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy APK for Android

Interested parties can buy this game or download game for free via the link below.

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