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The first question you will ask when playing Hungry Shark World MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is “Can I eat human flesh?”. The answer is: Of course! And everything doesn’t stop at cannibalism. Your shark needs khổng lồ be constantly moving and hunting just to keep alive.

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Overview information

Introducing Hungry Shark World

Another exciting summer is coming soon. This is the season of outdoor activities, when people often travel, relax after a year of tiring work. Do you have a plan? If not, go with to explore the vast xanh beaches, coral reefs, and colorful fish. But wait! This adventure will be extremely special because you will become a hungry shark in the world of Hungry Shark World.

Eat everything

Hungry Shark game series was no stranger to lớn the player. In this game, you will transform into a shark, with the sole task of maintaining life. Your shark is always hungry. So you have to control the shark lớn eat everything it can.


Hungry Shark World brings you the craziest feeling. With a wide mouth and sharp teeth, you can chew và swallow everything. The smell of blood makes the shark crazier. The more he eats, the more he grows & wants to eat more.

You will be “eating” a total of over 100 different animals in this game. They can be small fish, big fish, boats, even unlucky tourists. The gameplay is simple, you just use one finger lớn control the sharks swimming. This game is especially when it hits the water surface, sharks can jump on the shore to attaông chồng visitors are sunbathing on the beach. Do not overdo it because after a while, if you don’t go down to lớn water, your shark will run out of oxyren and die (of course).

However, sharks are not yet the king of the deep sea. There are also a lot of animals that scare the shark as the bigger sharks, the jellyfish that want khổng lồ sting you, the laser shark or some other poisonous fish. If you accidentally hit them, you will quickly die.

Seven ferocious shark species

Hungry Shark World is the new generation of the super famous game Hungry Shark Evolution. And lượt thích the previous version, you can become bigger và more terrifying.

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As you get bigger, your shark can eat bigger prey. And you can màn chơi up inlớn creatures that scare everyone, and even become a prehistoric quái thú.

Not only one species of shark, but you can also unlochồng 7 different shark species in Hungry Shark World. The rarest of the sharks is “The Great White”. This will be the goal of every game thủ when playing this game. Sharks in the game are ferocious but also very cute. Some were armed with very funny looking rockets. They may be able to run fast, explode, hypnotize và more.

Beautiful beaches in the world

In Hungry Shark World, you will travel và explore many beautiful beaches in the world such as Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea và now is the South Đài Loan Trung Quốc Sea. The beaches look like real, giving you a real experience. For example, the Arctic Ocean has icebergs & fishing boats.


The 3 chiều graphics platsize that makes everything come real will make everything as out of the water. Graphics are one of the highlights of this game, you will hardly be able lớn search in any other game.

MOD APK version of Hungry Shark World

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Why can’t I see the money even though I have sầu downloaded the MOD version?

The money will increase when you use them (Instead of decreasing).

Download Hungry Shark World MOD APK for Android

This is really a game that brings many funny situations. Not only will you be tasked with fighting laser sharks, but you can also equip yourself with a range of power accessories that are both fashionable và extremely interesting.

Hungry Shark World is a great entertainment game after stressful working hours. You can play anywhere, anytime. Download this game now to lớn embark on an adventure with the destroyer in the ocean!

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