I wanna be the boshy

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Rating is based on Hard-on mode, & I blame my beginner self for that.On the surface, Boshy is a high-chất lượng fangame, with some of the best visuals I"ve sầu ever seen in a fangame và overloaded with gimmicks that you won"t see everywhere, even nowadays. Lengthy, và keeping its chất lượng from the beginning khổng lồ the end, always surprising you with something new. Cool musics, và when you"re ready to complain about the restarting musics, you realize that the restarting music is an optional feature that can be changed at the options, along with blood mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa, frame rate, and more. There are unlockable BGMs, characters, items and even secret bosses, along with achievements to follow your progress. Amazing!On the surface, I said. It might be just me, and that"s why there are so many positive Review around here, but I just hate this game. From the bottom of my heart. Why? Because the gameplay is just terrible, no matter how I look at it.- As many will notice at first glance, the game"s physics are far different from the normal fangames" physics. The game handles its physics well for the most time, but once in a while, there are some jumps that should just be erased from the game. Stage 3"s mirror area, Stage 5"s first save sầu, Stage 6"s first save sầu, lots of jumps at the Good Level Design area...They"re all possible, but will usually require require some sort of disgusting maneuvering. Boshy"s physics are good for its bosses, but just terrible for needle-ish jumps.- It seems lượt thích games such as Weston Douglas Jones were heavily inspired by Boshy. Most stages in this game will have sầu at least one screen with some sort of visual effect that just shouldn"t be there. These effects don"t make any sense, & there"s not a single reason for them lớn be there, other than giving the players a headabít.- Boshy is one of the very few fangames lớn use the cheap pre-trùm platforming. That"s right, you got to lớn the last save of the stage! Nothing stands on your way between you and your foe...Aside from a couple needle jumps, or maybe a screen full of nothing, depending on what boss are you up against. Then you can fight against the trùm. And you must go through these things every single time, because there"s no save after you get past them. This isn"t too bad for the first ten deaths. Then it starts to lớn get boring. And more, và more boring, và even more boring. Skeleton King"s pre-trùm platforming is particularly stupid. One pointless basic needle jump, followed by a pointless screen with a torch at some point. You must get this torch, & bring it khổng lồ the next screen, where you"ll finally be able to fight against the trùm. Yes, you must vị this every single time. And since Skeleton King isn"t the easiest of the bosses, I guess that you"ll be doing that for quite a while. Sounds fun, right? The teleporter room can solve sầu some of these issues, as it normally teleports you directly lớn the trùm, but there are some exceptions, and unfortunadely, one of these exceptions is the Skeleton King. This is not just pointless, it"s boring as hell, it kills one"s motivation to lớn beat the boss.- Boshy is one of the most lag-inducing fangames that you"ll ever see. Moving backgrounds, lots of visual effects và lots of bullets, sometimes you"ll get all of these at one screen, và more. And the options won"t help you, there"s no way to turn any of the visual effects off, so if your game lags, there"s nothing you can really vì chưng about it. - Purely timing-based attacks are always a terrible idea. You"re just standing there, & there"s nothing on the screen, it"s just you & Skeleton King. One second later, a lightning just pops out of nowhere, covers a fair nói qua of the screen & kills you because why not.- Pointless extra phases seem to lớn be a thing with the bosses in this game. You kill Mario, and you"re waiting for your rewarding achievement. Then, Mario starts khổng lồ dance, & monsters start to pop out of nowhere, & all of sudden, you have khổng lồ kill them. After you kill/avoid the last Boss, you might think that it"s over, but there"s still another pointless phase before you can FINALLY say that you"ve beaten Mario. - RNG attacks can be fair, but some particular attacks in this game are just completely luck-based, as they"re too fast lớn be avoided normally, or can easily wall you, or both. Such is the case of the Sonic"s ring attaông chồng, Shang Tsung"s first blood rain, some of Ganon"s attacks (Depending on where did he teleport to), some of Missing No"s attacks (Namely the Tri Attack, those random lightnings can over up in the worst possible places), and more. You just st& there và wait for a lucky RNG, and that"s all you can bởi vì. Cool.- Combine these with unfair pattern attacks, such as Sonic"s chasing attaông chồng (It"s a lot harder lớn control than you"d expect at first glance), Megaman"s bullet hell (There aren"t many ways lớn avoid this attachồng, and all the ways are just absurd), Mario"s corner attack (You"re forced khổng lồ stay in the left, and he"ll spin while throwing coins and fire balls at you.

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I still don"t know how does that attachồng work), and more. Understanding what to vì is a harsh task, và doing it is yet another harsh task.- If you can"t mash in this game, you simply won"t beat it. Since very early in the game (Ryu, to be more specific), you"ll be forced to lớn learn how lớn mash. The only other option is death. "Final Round! FIGHT!". And good luông chồng. I pity your keyboard. An autofire option would be welcome here (Time Machine comes lớn the mind).- The hitboxes in this game are just terrible. No matter what character are you playing with, your hitbox will be Boshy"s. Always. And the game doesn"t bother on somehow showing you that hitbox, so if you want khổng lồ use another character, good luông chồng with figuring out its hitbox. Also, projectiles, ceiling & spikes seem khổng lồ hit you when you clearly haven"t touched them, but that might be due khổng lồ the different physics.- Gimmicks are just thrown at you out of nowhere, there"s no clear explanation about how vày they work, so you"ll have sầu to figure it out on your own. Kirby"s clouds, physics of gravity inversion at Stage 4, vine jumps that change your tốc độ, every single of these gimmicks is very tricky to lớn use (Some using extra tricks that just don"t make any sense, such as Stage 4"s gravity inverters: If you use your double jump before jumping at them, you"ll instantly fall on the other direction, but if you don"t use it, it"ll take a couple seconds before you start falling. And knowing these tricks is absolutely necessary to lớn get through. Amazing).- For some reason, the platforms in Stage 11"s castle will often steal your second jump. And since the carnivourous plant chase forces you to lớn use a lot of double jumps, expect a lot of pointless deaths.- VVVVVV"s drop (The longest drop in VVVVVV Stage) is way too long for no reason. Lots of fillers that are there just for cheap extra difficulty. This isn"t the only time that this happens in the game, but it"s the most notorious one.- Gradius is disgusting. Completely luck-based, MORE stuff for you to lớn learn by yourself (Good luck with beating it without understanding how bởi vì the power-ups work, & how to activate them) and unnecessary length. VVVVVV"s avoidance is way too lengthy for no reason, too, but at least that"s the only issue with it, it"s not as bad as Gradius.- Solgryn deserves a special topic. While most of the game isn"t too bad (I was planning on giving it a 5.0 before fighting against Solgryn), Solgryn is just terrible. Its total length ranges between 3 minutes & 4 minutes, a time that could be easily reduced lớn something amuốn the lines of 2 minutes while keeping a fair tóm tắt of difficulty, và leaving the boss" kiến thiết exactly as it is. There are just far too many fillers. Second phase"s whip attaông xã (The attachồng that doesn"t damage Solgryn) takes way too long for no reason, its sole purpose is lớn be boring. Third phase uses Sonic as the last attack, an annoyingly tricky attaông chồng that takes more than just a while khổng lồ understvà và avoid. Why is it the last attack? Because that makes things harder. Happil strats. It also takes way too long, compared khổng lồ third phase"s other attacks. Last phase"s HP is just unnecessary, và the last attaông xã seems lớn be yelling "CHOKE! CHOKE! CHOKE! CHOKE! CHOKE! CHOKE!". That not to mention the RNG attacks, which would be the whole second phase, Ryu"s car, Shang Tsung"s blood & last phase"s random arrows. Boshy"s normal bosses have sầu 1, or 2 cheap RNG attacks at most. Solgryn has 4. Amazing.- As a bonus complaint, I would lượt thích khổng lồ bring up something that Thrice already mentioned: The laông chồng of congruence. It"s not even slightly immersive, which makes matters even worse. Most of these annoying features reflect directly on the game"s difficulty in the worst possible way, which makes me think that Boshy is one of those fangames whose sole purpose is to be hard as hell, going as far as sacrificing the gameplay"s unique for that. Boshy was my first fangame, và it really disgusted me as a beginner. Now I beat it as a sorta-of-veteran, and the only difference is that it disgusts me even more now. It"s a great-looking fangame, indeed, but there are just far too many superior fangames when it comes to lớn gameplay. Highly not recommended.

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