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Minecraft is probably one of the most popular & older games in the industry. The game has been running more than 12 years since it was released in the market and the popularity is still skyrocketing. The developers behind the game are working round the cloông chồng to make sure you get the best experience. Interestingly, the Minecraft game supports cross-platkhung gameplay, meaning that people on different platforms lượt thích Windows, Xbox, Playstation, sản phẩm điện thoại, and more can enjoy the gameplay with each other. Moreover, the company also has a dedicated version for its Android (APK) and iOS users. The developers have launched Minecraft for Android and Minecraft for iOS, which helps users khổng lồ play the immensely popular game on their smartphone. But, what is it? How is it different from Minecraft Bedroông chồng Edition or Pocket Edition? In this article, we are going khổng lồ clear all the doubts about the Minecraft Smartphone game.

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What is Minecraft for Android (APK) or iOS?

Minecraft has different versions for different platforms. The company is naming the di động version Minecraft for Android and Minecraft for iOS. The game is a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends and family on your Android or iOS devices. The game also supports cross-platform, meaning that people who are on different platforms can play with each other. This also means players on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, PlayStation, Nintenvị, Xbox, và more can play Minecraft with each other without much hassle.

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Is it Different from Minecraft Bedroông xã Edition or Minecraft Pocket Edition?

No, Minecraft for Android or iOS is not different from the Bedrochồng Edition or Minecraft Pocket Edition. For your reference, the first cross-platform Minecraft game was known as Minecraft Pocket Edition. The company then renamed the Pocket Edition lớn Bedroông xã Edition. The term Bedrochồng Edition comes from the Bedroông chồng codebase, which was different from Java. Lastly, the developers changed the name of all Bedrochồng Editions to lớn only Minecraft. This means that Minecraft is the same as the Bedroông xã Edition or Pocket Edition & there is no such difference.

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How khổng lồ Download Minecraft for Android or iOS


You can easily tải về the Minecraft game on your Android or iOS device. All you need lớn bởi is follow these instructions:

Go khổng lồ your Google Play Store on your Android device. iOS users can go to lớn the Apple App Store.Search for the Minecraft game & tap on the one which has a developer Mahjong.The game is not miễn phí và you have lớn purchase it for Rs 599 on iOS & Rs 650 on Android.Click on the install button and make the payment lớn tải về the game on your device.

Once done, the game will be downloaded on your Android điện thoại thông minh or điện thoại Apple iPhone. You can log in using a Microsoft account or use another mode of sign-up process in order to play the game.

Minecraft Game Download Size

The best part about the Minecraft game is that it is compatible with most Android smartphones including the low-end ones. The APK download size is only 112MB for Android & somewhere around 150MB on iOS devices.

Top Servers for Minecraft Bedroông chồng Edition


If you are wondering which servers are the best for Minecraft Bedrochồng Edition, we have compiled the list of the popular servers that are currently available for playing.

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Gr& Theft MCPE

If you are looking khổng lồ play Grand Theft Aulớn on Minecraft, then this VPS is meant for you. The PvPhường. server is available for cross-platsize play & is one of the best servers available right now. In this, you can choose khổng lồ be the bad guy or good guy. If you are a gangster, you need lớn accumulate the most kills khổng lồ become the most wanted player. This means that your picture will be displayed everywhere and there will be a bounty reward.

IP: grandtheft.mcpe.me:19132Server Name: GrandTheftMCPE

Nether Games

This is a friendly community-based server for Minecraft Bedroông xã Edition. As per reports, there are more than trăng tròn,000 players on this server that plays every day. The VPS offers some interesting mini-games lượt thích Duels, Fractions, Murder Mystery, Bedwars, Creative sầu Plots, và more.

IP: lobby.nethergames.org:19132Server Name: NetherGames

Hyper Lands

Hyper Lands is yet another popular VPS in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The hệ thống offers a host of interesting games modes lượt thích SkyWars, Duels, TheBridge, BedWars and UHCMeetup. The hệ thống comes loaded with some interesting features as well và has an uptime of 100 per cent.

IP: play.hyperlandsmc.net:19132Server Name: HyperLands

Infinity Craft

Infinity Craft is a survival server that you will surely enjoy. With this hệ thống, you can talk khổng lồ your friends over mic for hours or grow crops on your lands, & more.

IP: play.infinitycraft.uk:19132Server Name: InfinityCraft

Mineplex PE

Mineplex PE is one of the largest Minecraft servers in existence. The server comes with different zones & arenas và there are thousands of players on this server. It comes with impressive sầu details & offers some interesting games. One such game is Minekart, which is a rip-off of the popular game, Mario kart. Apart from this, the VPS also offers Death Tag, Master Builder, Survival Games, Sky Wars, & more.

IP: pe.mineplex.comServer Name: Mineplex PE

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