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If you"re already obsessed with cats in real life, here"re 6 không tính phí thiết bị di động games where you can virtually express your love for them on your pgones.

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As someone living with more than 10 cats, I think I can self-proclaim myself as a cat-lady.

I have no idea where my obsession for these majestic felines came from but it’s grown to a point where I identify it as a part of my personality. It’s come to a point where it’s not enough that I care for cats a lot in real life; I constantly am on the hunt lớn do the same virtually.

So I’ve been on a long quest khổng lồ discover the best mèo free-to-play (because I’m a cheapskate) Smartphone games out there that can satisfy my inner obsessions. Here are 6 games that don’t even cost you a dime lớn tải về for your thiết bị di động specifically lớn help cater to lớn your cat-obsessed whims on-the-go.

1) Neko Atsume

Image Credit: nytimes.com

With a live-action movie releasing in a few months, I’m sure most of you have sầu at least heard or seen this game before.

Neko Atsume is a free-to-play di động game developed by Japanese publishers, Hit Point. The main ayên ổn of this game is pretty simple: deông xã out your virtual yard with many cat-related items so strays can pop by & interact with it. When they’re in your particular space, you can opt to lớn take picture of them for your virtual album and the kết thúc goal is to lớn fill it up with as many cát photos as possible.

So basically what the camera roll of every cat owner looks like? You can emulate that in this game.

The more that these strays come to lớn visit your yard, the stronger your bond with them becomes. These cats know their manners though, they’ll gladly reward your care with presents of gold or silver fish which is the currency you use to trade for toys & better food that attracts more (or rarer) cats.

Who wouldn’t want khổng lồ stare at this all day?

The game mechanics are very simple but it’s easy khổng lồ get addicted. The adorable art style gets you hooked on filling up your yard và pholớn album with all the cats possible (there are 59 currently available in-game). It’s always nice to load up the game and see which cát had been gracious enough lớn pay you a visit.

Especially the rare ones. My personal favourites are Sapphire & Jeeves, the most adorable cat couple you’ll ever see.

Image Credit: recombu.com

And Xerxes IX (Prince or Purinsu-san). Though he’s one of the more comtháng sights among muốn the rare breeds, just looking at his design is enough lớn explain why I’m so infatuated with him.

Image Credit: recombu.com

So if you’re looking for a game that will fulfill all your mèo lady dreams without you ever needing lớn actually physically care for one, you can tải về this game at the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store.

2) Fancy Cats

Image Credit: madewith.unity.com

If you’re looking for a game similar lớn the previous one, this is a good option.

Fancy Cats isn’t as simple as Neko Atsume however. It’s a mish-mash of a few different game genres with mèo collecting & playing dress-up being the core theme. The over goal here is to amass a huge army of adorable yet personable cats & basically pimp them out with tiny clothes và accessories such as kém chất lượng wings and many quality hats.

The Fancy Cats’ Match 3 mini-games lets you win gold and gems along with fish that can be fed to lớn your hungry kitties, which helps them cấp độ up. If you keep them well-fed and dressed, they even reward you with gifts.

Some of the gameplay you can find in-game.

With each game, you can accumulated stars that increase your cấp độ which in turn unlocks more accessories & outfits. As with Neko Atsume, you get rewarded by keeping your cats happy through coins & gems which are used to lớn buy all their adorable outfits in store.

One thing I really liked is also how they provide fun little facts about cats in the loading screens.

You can tải về this game for không lấy phí at the Google Play Store và the Apple App Store.

3) KleptoCats

Image Credit: youtube.com

Okay, this might start lớn get repetitive sầu but here’s another cat-collecting game (I’m a hoarder okay, don’t judge).

KleptoCats (Yes, it’s a funny take on “Kleptocrats”) is a cat-collecting game from HyperBeard Games because having the previous two on your phone just isn’t enough.

Sneaky sneaky.

I’ll be honest. This one does laông chồng substance compared lớn the previous two. How the game starts is by having you in an empty room with a single cát companion that has a talent for stealing things. You send the cat out & wait for it khổng lồ come back with a quirky item that automatically decorates your apartment.

Which is basically the extent of what KleptoCats is about.

Compared to other games of similar mechanics, KleptoCats heavily lachồng interactions with the kitties (or the room you keep them in), và “playing” the game amounts lớn a lot of waiting và watching videos for miễn phí coins.

There is an option khổng lồ pet your cats lớn increase their happiness meter, though doing so doesn’t seem to lớn shorten the amount of time it takes for them to lớn find things, nor does it affect the unique of the goods they vì chưng find.

Options to lớn dress up your kitties!

You get a wide variety of designs for the KleptoCats và they bởi persize background antics but there’s nothing else you can really bởi vì with them. Also note that any accessories you buy for your cats are equipped on all of them, so you can’t individualize their style. Kitty communism at its finest.

If you don’t mind watching ads for coins và just feeling satisfied from hoarding all these cats, you can download this game for miễn phí at the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store.

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4) Nom Cat

Image Credit: youtube.com

Alright, I hear you. Enough with the hoarding-style games. So here’s something a little different yet crazily addictive.

Nom Cat is a free-to-play Smartphone game with a simple mission of helping your favorite cats eat their dinner while stopping them from accidentally eating the “bombs” mixed in with their food.

Their little mouths, too dễ thương.

Loading the game, you’ll have two furry friends with fishes mixed with bombs thrown up in the air & raining down inlớn their open mouths. What you have sầu khổng lồ bởi vì is help their mouths open & cthua trận by tapping the screen so they don’t miss any fish but miss out on accidentally eating the bombs.

Image Credit: lucky-kate.com

It’s easy for this type of game to lớn get frustrating, especially when the bombs tkết thúc to lớn rain down faster. But the đáng yêu cats in Nom Cat hóa trang for it. Oh, và you can even get to lớn feed iconic cats such as Nyan Cat, Garfield & Grumpy Cat, which you can unloông xã.

So if you’re in the mood for something simple but filled with tons of cats you’d recognise immediately, you can download this game at the Google Play Store và the Apple App Store.

5) Pakka Pets Village

Image Credit: gappsforpc.com

This may be cheating slightly because it isn’t exclusively about cats but hey, the cats that are in this game are flipping adorable.

Pakka Pets Village brings you baông chồng lớn your Tamagotbỏ ra days where you can hatch and evolve a xinh đẹp pet in this virtual pet game. There are more than 60 pets khổng lồ find so you get a wide variety of animals lớn piông xã from such as dogs, rabbits, hamsters and yes, cats.

Once you’ve picked an egg, you take care of it until it hatches inlớn a baby digitalised pet which you then focus on raising. How this is done is by playing games to win prizes for your pets, evolving them inkhổng lồ bigger forms, decorating their houses with the most adorable furniture ever and helping it grow enough khổng lồ explore the Pakka World outside.

The adorable pets roaming around Pakka Village.

As with the Tamagotchis, your Pakka Pets will eat, poop, sleep, & live sầu their Pakka life even when you’re away. How it grows depends on how much care you put inkhổng lồ it. The Pakka Pets you discover are based on how you play so if you’re hunting for the rarer ones, you’d need to kiểm tra up often to give your virtual pets the attention they want.

For a very straightforward game, there’s quite a lot that can be done. The Pakka Town offers quests that allows you khổng lồ unloông chồng new areas & make friends for your pets. You can even purchase treats for your pets or cook “magic food” for them by heading to lớn the store or working with Chef Mitts (that name though).

So if you’re leaning lớn find something that can bring nostalgia yet done at your own pace, you can download this game at the Google Play Store và the Apple App Store.

6) The Battle Cats

Image Credit: Google Play Store

I had lớn save the best for last.

Let me just lead inlớn this game with an intro the game provides when you load up the title screen.

“In 2012, USA launched a secret proejct. To wake up Japanese people from being too peaceful, their new weapon was sent into nhật bản. Code name “Battle Cats” Japanese people are too kind and nice to use cruelty weapons to the Battle Cats… By the way, I Saw the developer of the Battle Cats was interviewed on TV… I know, it’s insane.”

 actual intro.>

Ah yes, the Engrish just makes it even better.

The Battle Cats is at times superfluous, crazy, silly and doesn’t always take itself seriously.

No, you’re not seeing wrong. There is an anime girl there.

It’s basically a tower defense game but with a few twists. The main theme does involve cats but you’re also focusing on dispatching units from a single tower more than upgrading the structure itself. You can choose to improve sầu your tower, but the points you earn are mainly spent to lớn tăng cấp your troops.

Oh, & your troops are all cats.

Each level starts off with your tower & a slowly increasing wallet. The idea here is the more you earn, the more cat troops you can sover out. So more money, more cats, và you win faster.

Your enemy tower across you sends troops as well. There’ll be a point in the game when you can’t keep up with the enemy onslaught so you can retreat to lớn earn more experience from previous levels.

Or if you’re willing khổng lồ cough up some actual money for in-phầm mềm purchases, you can increase your troops’ stats quicker but you’d have sầu to be the most impatient million-dillionaire to take shortcuts in a game gushing with whimsy about war-driven cats.

There isn’t much depth to this game with most of the levels being the same only with different backgrounds and enemy towers (the Sapporo beer tower was the best IMHO), but I did spover countless hours on it despite that.

If you’re looking for a mèo game with more action yet retaining the adorable kitty factor, you can tải về this game at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

So, those are my recommendations that have sầu really enriched my cat-loving life. If you have any others, bởi leave them in the comments below.

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