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Since it released in năm ngoái, Piano Tiles 2 (MOD Unlimited Money) has really become a phenomenon thiết bị di động game alongside Flappy Birds or Candy Crush Saga. With the goal of bringing music khổng lồ everyone, the game has billions of players around the globe và is one of the most loved music titles. In my judgment, not only is the successor version but more than that, Piano Tiles 2 is also a completely new game with groundbreaking improvements compared khổng lồ the previous version.

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Easy khổng lồ play but also challenging

Piano Tiles 2 has all the features that a Mobile game “phenomenon” is required, which is a simple, easy lớn understvà the way of playing but at the same time creating difficult challenges for players. At the core, all you have to lớn vày in this game is touch the blachồng piano keys & avoid the White keys. You thảm bại when you touch the trắng keys, và the music can be interrupted if you skip some blaông chồng piano keys.

A noticeable change in gameplay is that this time, the game appears some stretching melodies và requires you to lớn touch and hold it until the kết thúc. It creates a variety in the process of playing a piece of music instead of hitting each key like the previous version. This is really a great addition.

Thousands of famous songs

As a music theme game, so music is an indispensable part. And of course, Piano Tiles 2 doesn’t disappoint us. During the game, you will enjoy Mozart’s famous songs, Beethoven, … that you are the ones who play those songs. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Songs like Happy New Year, Last Christmas, Romance, Canon in D, … under the fanciful melody of the piano will give sầu you great moments of entertainment after intense working hours. Not only that, recent hits lượt thích Faded by Alan Walker or Reality also appear.

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After playing Piano Tiles 2, I found the names of many songs that I had accidentally heard somewhere but couldn’t find out which name they were. A thank you for Cheetah Games!


Gold & diamonds are the two type of money in Piano Tiles 2. They are used lớn unloông xã new tracks or buy a life when you thua thảm (note that you can only buy only one time with two diamonds). Gold can be earned by leveling up or collecting during playing music. Diamonds can only be earned by watching ads or buying it in cash.

Every day, the game gives you 30 lives corresponding lớn 30 times of play. When the number is over, you can buy more or wait khổng lồ receive 1 life every 5 minutes. In Piano Tiles 2 MOD, the game gives you unlimited amounts of gold and diamonds so you can unlochồng any music you want. However, you need khổng lồ reach the required cấp độ of each traông chồng khổng lồ unlock.


The interface has been improved

Contrary to lớn the monotonous interface with only two blaông chồng & Trắng colors of a piano, the interface of Piano Tiles 2 has been added with a lot of colors & impressive effects. Many colors don’t mean it’s messy. The main screen of the game is still designed harmoniously, giving you a good focus in the process of playing your favorite songs.

Besides, the game also allows you to save data when syncing with Facebook tài khoản. This is quite necessary when you buy a new phone or removed the game. In addition, you can challenge your friends và have the opportunity to lớn receive sầu diamonds when logging inlớn your Facebook tài khoản.

Sum up

Not only is entertainment, but Piano Tiles 2 is also a real challenge with your fingers. Like a real pianist, you need khổng lồ be fast enough và accurate enough khổng lồ make your songs become perfect. Very fun game, suitable for all ages including children. If you’re ready, now is the time to lớn open a song you love & show off your musical talents!

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