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Royal Revolt 2
God Mode
June 8, 2021 (1 month ago)

MENU MODGod modeDumb enemies: no enemies in battleNOTE 0: Root Only + Tested on LDplayer emulator.

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NOTE 1: Why need root? Because game only login with Google trương mục => Now, that is the only way.

In the line of strategy games, players will probably know the name of Clash of Clans, where players will participate in matches where they will play a king và control their soldiers. But if we look baông xã a little bit, we can also name some equally attractive names. Royal Revolt 2 was born in 2014 with an attractive sầu role-playing style that will bring players to lớn battles where the player no longer controls an army but leads them khổng lồ attaông xã the base enemies. In total, both versions of Royal Revolt, its manufacturer Flaregames has collected more than 15 million installations worldwide.


Epic War và Castle Defense Game

The player will transform inkhổng lồ a young prince. After gaining a throne in the first version, the player will carry out the construction work of the country at Royal Revolt 2. The main task is lớn defover the country và conquer other territories. Before you go lớn conquer the lvà, your kingdom needs a solid foundation. These are the high buildings with the army trained in a way. Players will have to build castles, ramparts lớn establish permanent defensive layers. Creating a good fighting force will make the defense stronger for future attacking.


However, the defensiveness factor is not enough for players like Royal Revolt 2. The player needs khổng lồ consolidate và develop modern weapons and equipment công nghệ in order to be able khổng lồ resist the attack of enemies. This helps khổng lồ protect the military base & the royal castle. Battle battles will bring many valuable rewards, including many factors for the development of the kingdom later.

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The power factor is not limited lớn Royal Revolt 2. The towering high turrets need to be restored & upgraded regularly. Low-cấp độ or newly-built works will easily be leveled by heavy weapons. So improving the fortress is extremely important. And so the soldiers, too, the higher the resistance. After having a solid defense, the player can sumtháng another army lớn fight the new lvà. Of course, winning other countries will help us exp& our borders. However, not every opponent is easy to lớn defeat. An elite army, advanced weapons, and a clear strategy can help you vì chưng this. cảnh báo that players are not necessarily focused on upgrading their strengths, but instead we can use the pitfalls to kill enemies quickly. This trick will be handy even when the defense is weak & in the long run.


Your most important force in a battle is definitely the dod. Although you will have an overwhelming strength, the military is the determining factor. First, your army will not be too strong and only have basic functions. But with later successes with the victories you gain và the cấp độ is increased, players can freely customize them. Treasure Rewards will give sầu players the spells, magic, clash powers, etc. Apply them lớn your strength to create great và stable power sources. In addition, your shogun needs regular strength upgrades.


3D is the most descriptive graphic style for this game. Thanks to the improvement of Flaregames compared khổng lồ the first version, the space of Royal Revolt 2 appears in a lot of colors, fun và lively. Pictures are clear, detailed và moving, building, … extremely smooth & flexible. With a view from above sầu, players can easily see the maps in Royal Revolt 2. The game progress is clearly shown in the game so that the processing & handling of the situation will become more straightforward. Along with the fun sound factor, catching the ear will contribute khổng lồ making the experience space enjoyable.


If the game is your concern, Royal Revolt 2 will be a top priority. Not only does the game bring many new improvements, but it also possesses extremely beautiful graphics. Not only that, Royal Revolt 2 is still being released for miễn phí. So take advantage now to lớn enjoy the winning play of the Royal Revolt 2 offline.

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