SimCity BuildIt MOD APK is a không tính phí thành phố simulation game for Android. This is a famous game in EA’s SimCity series. You can download the original APK file & MOD versions of this game via the link we placed below the article.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeRequiresMOD Features
SimCity BuildIt
Electronic Arts
Android 4.1
Unlimited Money

Introduce about SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a simulation game of the publisher Electronic Arts, a familiar name if you often play games on điện thoại. They are famous for the Plants vs Zombies game series & some sports games lượt thích Real Racing 3. This is the first time, EA tried with a simulation game. And the effect of this game is amazing. Up lớn the present time, the game has reached more than 50 million installs on Google Play with many 5-star nhận xét.


Launched in the late 1980s, the SimCity series has been the best friend of many generations of gamers & has made incredible strides since then. This lakiểm tra version feels brighter and more polished from the beginning, and when you take a closer look, you’ll see unexpected details. The basic principles of SimCity remain the same. However, the view from above sầu và the square shapes of the old days have sầu changed, becoming a three-dimensional world that you can build.


Soon, the worry that takes over your mind will be to meet high-class needs rather than essential needs. Sooner or later, you will have a donut siêu thị. Then you will think of shopping malls & casinos. You prioritize shaping the thành phố to lớn your own liking, such as building seaside resorts or designing Parisian style.

Grow your city

If you are not too busy with maintaining the operation of the đô thị, just stopping & watching the simulation process is enough to make you happy. When you use two fingers khổng lồ room in a sports stadium, you will see the little players playing volleyball, making a direct score in baseball, as well as scoring on the football field. You will enjoy watching the landscape or listening to lớn the bustling sounds of the city with the happy residents living there. What a perfect accomplishment for your efforts, right?


Meanwhile, industrial parks are not just places for Sims to lớn work. Together with your stores, these industrial areas will produce the materials for you lớn tăng cấp your existing plots. At first, your property might look a little modest – more like SimTown or SimVillage. However, when you see the changes in a developing đô thị, you will know what khổng lồ vày next.

Yet some people just want lớn see the world in flames và I have sầu lớn confess that it is also exciting. When building a big enough city, you can ask Dr. Vu lớn help you devastate the đô thị with many types of disasters, from meteorite to lớn aliens invasion. Destroying is easier than building. Moreover, you will receive rewards for your efforts to lớn rebuild your thành phố.

Collect & trade resources

To build a city, resources are extremely important. You cannot build a building without resources. However, you can find & buy resources from other players. Sometimes, some players need your resources, & you also need their resources. An exchange took place that helped both sides. Trading and exchanging resources also help you earn a decent income.



SimCity BuildIt has several currencies:

Simoleons: You can get Simoleons by upgrading buildings, exchanging resources, selling items. Alternatively, you can use SimCash to buy Simoleons.SimCash: High-class currency. SimCash helps you buy và nâng cấp your works immediately instead of waiting. You can only get SimCash by buying with cash. You also have sầu the opportunity lớn get some SimCash after completing some achievements, but it is negligible.Golden Key: You can get the Golden Key by completing shipment or passing disaster challenges.Platinum Key: You can only claim the Platinum Key through Mayor’s Condemo. It cannot be purchased with SimCash.


There is no doubt about the graphic quality of EA’s game. SimCity BuildIt simulates a virtual city with detailed và sharp 3D graphics. With the view from above, you can observe sầu all the activities in your đô thị. You can zoom in & out to lớn see your happy residents are living. Your thành phố is beautifully designed with sharp images and bright colors. Besides, the game also has effects day/night và the weather changes from season to lớn season. All of the above sầu gives you the best experience.

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MOD APK version of SimCity BuildIt

MOD features

Unlimited Money/Key: In the beginning, you have sầu 25000 Simoleons & 50 SimCash. You will feel that the number is very small when upgrading major works. You can only use SimCash when really needed. The MOD version will solve sầu all your financial difficulties in this game. It gives you an infinite amount of money (including SimCash, Simoleons, Key)

How lớn install & use

You need to note when installing & using SimCity BuildIt MOD APK for the MOD version to work as intended.

Step 1: Install InternetGuard from or Google Play.

This is a required step, this application will help bloông chồng SimCity BuildIt from accessing the Internet and without error when playing.

Step 2: Download the MOD version of the game to lớn your phone & install it. After installation, open SimCity BuildIt Installer khổng lồ install SimCity BuildIt on your phone.

Step 3: mở cửa InternetGuard, activate the app in the top corner of the screen. Blocking all Wifi & thiết bị di động Data access of SimCity BuildIt.

Step 4: xuất hiện the game. At this point, the game will try to connect lớn the hệ thống. But because we have sầu blocked the application’s network access, it will st& still for a while (It may take a few minutes, please be patient).

In a few minutes, the game will run & you will enter the game successfully.

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK for Android

This game will give sầu you a great feeling when looking at your đô thị from zero until becoming a bustling thành phố. If you love simulation games & have sầu the dream of building your own thành phố, SimCity BuildIt is a game you cannot ignore.

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