Sonic dash

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Bạn đang đọc: Sonic dash

a game by Sega, & Traveller"s Tales
Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG, Arcade Classics, Platformer
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 4 đánh giá
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 8 votes
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Sega"s most celebrated character returns lớn breathe some life inkhổng lồ the fading Genesis market. Cleverly designed levels & good 3D-rendered graphics make Sonic 3D Blast the best Genesis game in ages.

As everybody"s favorite hedgehog, you jump, spin dash, và now blast your way through seven huge levels to lớn rescue Flickies from their robotic prisons. Distributed throughout the mazelike levels, Flickies are the keys to completing each act. But beware of Dr. Robotnik và the many traps và obstacles you encounter.

Unfortunately, trying to lớn find a way out of each màn chơi can be frustrating early on. Because you play with an angled-over- head view, timing jumps, spin dashes, & Blast Attacks khổng lồ destroy enemies or khổng lồ catch moving platforms requires practice. However, once you have the moves down, the game is easy to beat, which reduces its replay value.

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Graphically superior to lớn its predecessors, Sonic 3 chiều Blast is a winner guaranteed to lớn consume even the most experienced gamers...if only for a few days.


The game graphics are 4 s excellent. The large sprites và clean, crisp movements never glitch, even during the most intense action.

Fun Factor

The game has only a 4 5 decent trả lời value, but it does have some great graphics & big levels khổng lồ run around in. Sonic fans will love it.


The effects are recycled from previous games. But the musical selection is eclectic, ranging from techno-pop lớn contemporary jazz.


The controls are generally good once you learn lớn pinpoint your jumps. The new Blast Attaông chồng that enables Sonic lớn home in on enemies is awesome.


In Spring Gadget Zone, instead of using balloons to lớn bypass deadly spikes, just continue jumping. Those spikes won"t be able khổng lồ nail you. In any bonus round, stay on the ground as much as possible. If you jump, you might miss out on a bunch of rings. Once you"re finished with a bonus round, all rings regenerate throughout the rest of the màn chơi. Backtrack and load up on rings so you can easily pile up 1-ups, continues, & Chaos Emeralds. Once Sonic gets the Gold Shield, don"t pick up other shields. Only the Gold Shield gives Sonic the ability khổng lồ vì his new killer Blast Attachồng. In any boss level, take the rings as you need them. If Dr. Robotnik hits you, the rings disperse và disappear fast Look for cracks in walls và spin dash through them to get khổng lồ secret areas with more rings, special items, and bonus rounds.

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