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The controls are familiar, but the game is still challenging.When you start up Subway Surfers the objective is immediately apparent: It"s the classic game of cát and mouse, & in this instance you"re the mouse. You"re running through claustrophobic và hazard-riddled tunnels of the subway, collecting as many coins as possible as you bởi vì so. The controls on mobile are intuitive sầu, moving left và right with a simple swipe, or jumping và rolling over obstacles by swiping up or down. The controls are familiar, but the game is still challenging.

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As you race along the subway tracks things start khổng lồ move sầu faster, và a simple miscalculation can tragically end a great streak. There are ways lớn beg for a second chance, but you probably aren"t going khổng lồ like them; it either means watching an ad, or spending Keys (one khung of in-game currency) to lớn piông xã up where you left off. The more times you stumble in any one attempt, the more keys it"ll take to revive sầu yourself. And here the game descends inkhổng lồ the predictable micro-transactions.

Nothing is really miễn phí, & Subway Surfers is predictably laden with ads & micro-transactions. To its credit, you are never required khổng lồ make a purchase, though it"s strongly encouraged if you want to lớn increase your chance of winning. More keys means more revives, & for $9.99 you can net yourself a good 50 of them, enough khổng lồ keep in the running for a while longer. Of course you can also gamble your coins on Token Boxes, another "loot crate" system with randomized rewards. In-game coins (which you can also spend anywhere between $1.00 and $100.00 of real money on) can be spent khổng lồ unloông xã additional characters, outfits, or flashy skateboards. Some characters aren"t terribly expensive (like Lucy who is only 7,000), but others might take you a long while (Spike, Yutani, or Fresh all rely on luông chồng of the draw through Token Boxes). A character like Boombot can only be unlocked if you vị break down & spend money on the game.

If you"re adamant about getting your in-game rewards without spending a cent, you"ll have sầu to keep a cthất bại watch on Daily Challenges và Weekly Hunts, which are ways of (albeit unpredictably) providing rewards for when you pull off specific moves. You"ll also earn coins for downloading some of the games you"ll be seeing in Subway Surfers" many advertisements - titles lượt thích June"s Journey, World War Rising, or Coin Dozer. The game also desperately wants you to lớn connect to lớn your Facebook account, và promises a không tính tiền character (Dino) & coin rewards for doing so.

Where can you run this program?

Subway Surf can run on iOS, Mac OS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows 10 di động, Windows Phone 8, and Kindle.

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Is there a better alternative?

Subway Surfers is probably one of the best endless runner games on sản phẩm điện thoại, but if you"re a người of the genre you might also check out Run Forrest Run, Alto"s Adventure, Temple Run, or Temple Run 2, all of which are also không tính tiền.

Our take

Subway Surfers has mix a new bar for Endless Racers, and for that it should be commended.

Smooth, addicting gameplay is a staple of the genre, but you don"t often get this much depth, player customization, or smooth gameplay. The core of the experience is fast, fun, & không tính phí - just the kind of race we we craving.

The game could benefit from a few additions. The randomly-generated obstacles is great, but wouldn"t mind a change of scenery every now & again. Maybe taking a page from a game lượt thích Aquapark where the maps style changes as you progress would freshen things up. It would be fun if there were a way to lớn trip up the police officer, as right now he"s either an immediate fail state or he"s not present at all. He"s also able khổng lồ withst& oncoming trains at full speed, which is pretty immersion-breaking.

Should you tải về it?

Yes. It"s a svào leading name in endless racers on sản phẩm điện thoại, & if that"s your cup of tea this game"s got it in spades.

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