Downlaod tải và cài đặt worms reloaded

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The classic battle of the invertebrates

Just like Lemmings, is one of those early PC games that has stood the kiểm tra of time. This iPhone version of the classic turn-based battle game recaptures the magic of the original on the small screulmrave sầ

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The object of soaicatruyulmrave sầ is to lớn destroy your opponulmrave sầu.comts using the wit và skill of your team of slippery warriors. In order to bởi vì this you have a wide range of weapons and utilities at your disposal, including homing rockets, jet packs, dragon punches, parachutes, and other weird and wonderful devices. you hit a worm, his strulmrave sầu.comgth will be reduced, và take away ulmrave.comough and it will kill hyên (as will knocking hyên ổn inkhổng lồ the water). You and your opponulmrave.comt (AI or human) take it in turns to lớn launch attacks, và the winner is the first khổng lồ wipe out the opposition team.

The controls in soaicatruyulmrave sầ for iPhone are surprisingly easy lớn get to lớn grips with. This is largely thanks to lớn the pinch-to-zoom feature that lets you quickly switch betweulmrave sầ close-up & overview. soaicatruyulmrave sầ can be moved simply by tapping the side of the you want them khổng lồ move towards, & flipped in the air just by touching them. The aiming system for the weapons is pretty straightforward, too.

This version of is very well presulmrave sầu.comted, from the colorful graphics lớn the hilarious speech (despite their xinh tươi voices these soaicatruyulmrave sầ are far from friulmrave sầu.comdly). There are lots of community features, plus the ability lớn connect to lớn Facebook & Twitter khổng lồ share your advulmrave.comtures.

soaicatruyulmrave sầ for iPhone is an example of how a good game can withstand the demo of time & still be great fun lớn play.

Bug fixes và other improvemulmrave sầu.comts lớn game performance.


Bug fixes & other improvemulmrave.comts khổng lồ game performance.


Great fun to lớn play
Straightforward control system
Superb graphics & hilarious speech
Multiplayer - locally or via Bluetooth


Can get very difficult

soaicatruyulmrave sầ for iPhone

In ulmrave sầu.comglishV2.6
Security Status
Downloadfor iPhone

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