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Zeus: Master of Olympus (Zeus) is a single-player strategy game developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Entertainment. It is considered lớn be an additional instalment in the City Building series of games. Like previous titles in the series, Zeus focuses on the building & development of a city in ancient times. The game features a number of changes from previous titles in the series, including being phối in Ancient Greece as well as changes khổng lồ certain gameplay mechanics, however it is considered lớn be in most aspects very similar lớn its predecessor, Caesar III

trò chơi setting and mechanics

Zeus is set in a mythical version of ancient Greece và features many of the gods from the Greek pantheon & legendary monsters from ancient Greek mythology. The game chooses not to lớn accurately portray the historical setting in which it is based, choosing instead lớn include elements based on mythology và anachronisms.

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The player is in charge of building up và governing a thành phố state which requires managing infrastructure, farming, industries, commerce, religion, entertainment and education, as well as wars with rival cities. Monsters from Greek mythology feature in the size of natural disasters which must be managed by the player, typically by hiring the correct nhân vật. Sufficiently worshipping the Greek gods will cause them to bestow blessings on the player"s city which provide a material benefit.

The game features 2d graphics & offers an isometric view of the game world. A side panel và a number of menus allow the player lớn more easily navigate the maps & to micro-manage various aspects of government, such as tax rates & wages.

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Zeus grants players the choice khổng lồ play either a series of episodical, story-based adventures, in which a mix of unique objectives must be attained in order lớn progress, or to lớn play the so-called "sandbox mode", in which the game"s objectives are more open-ended và less objective-based.


Zeus: Master of Olympus received generally favorable nhận xét with a rating of 87 on Metacritic. IGN reviewer Stephen Butts stated that he "had to tear himself away from the game lớn write the Review." The game received criticism for its combat and war mechanics.

In May 2012 the game was re-released on GOG.com together with its expansion as a part of the Acropolis bundle where it holds a 5-star rating.

In 2018, Alice Bell of Rock, Paper, Shotgun included the game in the site"s "Have You Played" series, describing it as "the perfect balance of beauty, difficulty, detail, and puns."

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