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Hercules setup utility is useful serial port terminal (RS-485 or RS-232 terminal), UDP/IP terminal và TCP/IP Client vps terminal. It was created for HW group internal use only, but today it”s includes many functions in one utility & it”s Freeware! With our original devices (Serial/Ethernet Converter, RS-232/Ethernet Buffer or I/O Controller) it can be used for the UDP Config.

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Complete tư vấn for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 và 10All basic TCP & UDP utilities in one file, no installation required (just one .EXE file)Implemented Serial Port Terminal is working with the Virtual Serial Ports (COM12 for example). You can kiểm tra và control all serial port lines (CTS, RTS, DTR, DSR, RI, CD)Simple TCP client (lượt phù hợp the Hyperterminal) with the TEA tư vấn, view format, file transfers, macros..Easy to lớn use TCP server with the TEA bốn vấn, view format, file transfers, macros..Hercules contains simple UDP/IP “Terminal” with view formats, echo, tệp tin transfers, macros..Tư vấn the NVT (Network Virtual Terminal) in the test mode tab, as lượt ưa thích as NVT debuging features.. Using Telnet extended with NVT allows serial port configuration (RFC2217), device identification, confirmation of data sequence, etc.It”s FREEWARE you can use & share this software không tính phí Applications & usage:


Horizontal menu

Technical Information

Technical Information

LimitsFunction:ViewerRemote device configuration:YESUser Management:NOInputUDP config (tìm kiếm):YESDevices


IP Serial PortStore5 IP Relay HWg-ER02b PortBox2 I/O Controller 2 cài đặt về

Tải về – group

Software & FirmwareSW version:Hercules ver. 3.2.8 – 18.06.2014 – Release historyUsed Protocols:

Hercules is great utility if you are working with the serial & Ethernet devices & interfaces. General useful parts :

Serial port terminal (COM5 và higher bốn vấn)TCP/IP Client terminal (similar to “Telnet”)TCP/IP server “terminal”UDP “terminal”

For HW group devices only :

UDP Config utility (IP, Port, MASK, GW setting)Test mode (TCP/IP terminal with TEA authorization hỗ trợ tư vấn and NVT (Network virtual Terminal) parser for remote I/O pins control.

The Hercules setup is compatible with our miễn phí Virtual Serial Port, you can debug applications connected to remote serial port using Windows 2000 or higher.

UDP Config


This tab is to be used with ulmrave.com devices only. In this window you can assign the IP address to lớn compatible devices (PortBox, PortStore, PortStore2, I/O Controller, Charon 1 module, Poseidon etc..)

Parameters :Tìm tìm for the devices over UDP broadcastList of all devices on the network segment (MAC list)Kiểm tra and assign main network parameters (IP address, IP mask ans Gateway)Change main communication IP portDefine IP filter range (useful for the security reasons)Special parametersTEA authorisation enable (useful for the security reasons)NVT enable (for the remote serial port devices)TCP cài đặt mode enable (port 99)3x quick button (TCP Setup, TCP data communication, WWW Browser)

Find Devices buttonClicking on this button will find all the devices on your network segment.Apply Changes buttonThe parameter changes are applied by clicking on this button. Otherwise the changes will not take place.Device typeNot supported by most of the devices


Modules MAC listIn this window will be displayed the MAC addresses (a.k.a physical addresses) of the devices connected to lớn your network segment. Clicking on a particular MAC address will highlight it và will show the parameter values of the respective device in the Required parameters field.

Module IPThis field displays the IP value of the respective device which has the MAC address highlighted in the Modules MAC list. PortThis field displays the port the device (operating as server) listens to. For the Connect with TCP Client button to work it has to be set khổng lồ 23 (Telnet). Module IP maskThe Subnet Mask in this case It must be the same for all the devices in the network segment.GatewayThe IP address of the PC, router or switch interface, etc., with which the device is directly connected.IP Filter Address RangeW: Address ( allows all)IP address of a network or computer that is allowed to communicate with the device. This value must result from multiplying the remote IP address & the restriction mask (option N), otherwise the device does not react. More details to the IP Filter you can find in the device”s manuals, include examples and counting formulas..IP Filter MASKN: Mask ( allows all)This mask restricts addresses that can communicate with the device. Security can be greatly enhanced by setting a fixed address or a suitable restrictive mask that disallow communication with unauthorized parties.(IP requesting access and N ) = WIf this condition is valid, you can access the device (AND is binary multiplication). More details in the device”s manuals.Enable TCP setup: Checking this box enables the configuration of the device with the TCP Client.Connect with TCP Client buttonClicking this button will automatically open a Telnet connection with the device (port 23). If the Port field of the device (the port where the device listens to) is not set lớn 23 this connection will fail. Open in the website Browser buttonClicking this button will mở cửa the page of the device in a web browser, if the device has a WEB hệ thống running.


The Serial tab of the Hercules utility can be used as a simple serial port terminal for the RS-232 standard. It”s similar to the Hyperterminal, some functions extended.

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Parameters :Set the parameters of the connection (speed, parity, handshake)Set the mode of operation (Không tính phí, PortStore test, Data, Setup)Set và display the value of the signal on each modem line (i.e. On each RS-232 pin)Send & display messages or commands to and from remote deviceFirmware update of deviceOther parameters (in Right-click menu)Display special characters (in ASCII, HEX or DEC)Log the communication to a fileCreate & send a kiểm tra file..

Name define the number of the serial communication port.Baud specifies the transmission rate in bauds .Data size specifies the number of data bits in a character.ParitySpecifies how the system uses the parity bit to đánh giá for transmission errors. Options are none, even, odd & mark.HandshakeTransmission control lớn pause data transfer, when receiving buffer of the opposite device if full.Off: No handshake between the devices.RTS/CTS: Hardware hanshaking This method uses hardware lines RTS (Request lớn Send) và CTS (Clear to Send). When a receiver is ready for data, it asserts the RTS line indicating it is ready to lớn receive data. This is read by the sender at the CTS input, indicating it is clear to lớn send the data.XON/XOFF protocol: Software handshaking. The flow control used khổng lồ protect against data overruns, uses data bytes as control characters. XON/XOFF protocol is controlled by the data recipient who sends an XOFF character (ASCII DC3, decimal 19, hex 13) lớn the sender if it is unable lớn continue khổng lồ receive data. The sender suspends transmission until it receives an XON character (ASCII DC1, decimal 17, hex 11).ModeMode selection is dedicated for testing HW group devices For your operations use mặc định “không lấy phí” mode.Open|Close buttonOpen và Close the serial connection with a device with the above mentioned parameters.HWg update buttonOpends a dialog box lớn send a HWg firmware file (.Hwg) lớn update the firmware of the remote device. It”s detailed described in every product”s manual..

TCP client

The TCP Client tab of the Hercules utility can be used as a simple TCP/IP Client terminal similar lớn Telnet.

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