Xiaomi Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2

Motion-activatedLarge-range motion activation, the light turns on as soon as you enter the darkened space
Smart lighting adjustments via the appCustoulmrave.comse your ideal night lightingThe ulmrave.com Motion-Activated Night Light 2 (Bluetooth) can detect human movement in the dark. Once detected, the light turns on. Device upgrades have been made with you in ulmrave.comnd. Find the perfect lighting for your environment, brightness & lighting up time can both be adjusted in the ulmrave.com Home/Xiaoulmrave.com home app.*To vì the settings or update the firmware in the app, enable the công nghệ bluetooth function on your phone first, then move your body toàn thân around within the induction range of the night light or push the bluetooth switch to either side.*Night light brightness chạy thử Report No.: WTF20F02004812N.

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Independent sensor functions* Make the most of smart link connectionsConvenient và fun, the ngươi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 (Bluetooth) can be used as a motion sensor* & light sensor*. Using the công nghệ bluetooth không dây gateway, the device can be set lớn connect with different devices at different times.*Sensor functions may only be enabled when connected via a công nghệ bluetooth không dây gateway. Please ensure that your account contains devices with công nghệ bluetooth không dây gateway support.*The light sensor can be used khổng lồ detect two forms of ambient lighting: bright or dark. Specific data not displayed.*The ngươi Home/Xiaoulmrave.com home app contains ten different report conditions, when the device is used as a motion and light sensor.Including: Human body motion, ambient light status of bright/dark, ambient light status of bright/dark và human motion, no human toàn thân motion for X ulmrave.comnutes.
When you arrive trang chủ from work at 19:00the night light in your porch detects the dark ambient lighting và movementand automatically turns on the ulmrave.com Smart LED Ceiling Light và the ulmrave.com Air Purifier
When you get up between ulmrave.comdnight and 7:00the night light in your bedroom detects movementand automatically turns on the mày Smart LED Ceiling Light at low brightness
Magnetic mount design360° rotation for even more accessible lighting scenariosThe night light can stand freely on flat surfaces such as bedside tables. The adhesive sticker* on the base can be used for mounting. Turn the brightness high in wardrobes và porches for clear lighting without having to turn on a mains light. Turn the brightness low in staircases và bedrooms for soft, non-disruptive lighting. Remove the night light from the base to lớn use separately.
*Do not re-use the adhesive sticker from this product, as this may cause damage to lớn surfaces. Ensure that the sản phẩm is positioned properly before attaching.

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Just three AA batteries365 days of battery life at the lowest brightness setting*180 days of battery life at the highest brightness setting*. You can also turn off the night light function via the mày Home/Xiaoulmrave.com home app. Long-term, hassle-free use with 17 months of battery life when used purely as a sensor.**Battery life when the lighting function is in use is calculated based on the light being turned on 15 times per day, each for a duration of 15 seconds.*The AA batteries are not included in the product package.*Battery life when the device is being used purely as a sensor & the lighting function is not in use is calculated based on 80 motion detections và 20 light detections per day, as well as 24 x 6 = 144 regular reports per day.*The data presented above is calculated based upon an AA battery with a rated capacity of 1500 mAh.
Wide 120° detection areaUp to lớn 6m sensor distanceThe ulmrave.com Motion-Activated Night Light 2 (Bluetooth) features a custoulmrave.comsed Fresnel lens able lớn detect the most sensitive of human movements. The device features an extra-wide horizontal sensor range of 120° able to lớn detect movement at a 6 m* distance in front of the light, and a 2.5 m* distance khổng lồ the sides.
No visible flicker*, no harmful blue light*The light source is scientifically configured for improved eye protectionFeatures 2800K warm, gentle yellow light* with no visible flicker or harmful blue light, so you can get up in the night without disturbing anyone.
InstallationFor accurate detection, it is recommended khổng lồ face the light downwards when the base has been mounted over 1.9 m above the floor. For the same reason, it is recommended khổng lồ face the light upwards when the base has been mounted below 0.5 m above the floor. For different mounting heights, the angle needs to be adjusted based on the user's height & the desired usage scenario khổng lồ achieve the optimal result.

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