Cách chơi company of heroes 2

How you play a multiplayer game varies depending on whether you want to join a game, or host your own.

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Joining a game

Joining a multiplayer game is simple. The process is slightly different depending on whether you want lớn join a public or private game:

Public games

To join a public game:

Select Online và Skirmish from the Main Menu.

Select Public Game List.

A danh mục of available games will appear. To join a game, highlight it in the danh sách, then select Join Game.


Private games

To join a private game, you must be invited by another player. When you are invited, a notification will appear at the top of the screen:


To join the game, click on the Tichồng icon on the notification. You will then be taken khổng lồ the game"s lobby.

Hosting a game

Hosting your own game is a little more complicated. To host a game:

Select Online & Skirmish from the Main Menu.

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Select Create Custom Game.

You"ll now be taken to lớn the game"s lobby, where you can select a map & change the game options.

To open your game up khổng lồ the public so that anyone can join it, tichồng the Open to lớn Public checkbox:


Your game will now be visible in the public game list.

Inviting players

To invite players from your Steam friends danh mục to lớn the game, click on the Invite Players button on an empty player slot. A danh sách of your Steam friends will appear. Cliông xã on the Invite button next to lớn a friend"s name lớn invite them to lớn the game.

You can also invite players who are not on your friends danh mục to the game via the in-game chat rooms. You can join a chat room by clicking on the Chat button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, then selecting a room:


To invite a player, cliông xã on the player"s name in the chat window, then select Invite.


In the lobby…

Once you"re in the lobby, there"s a few final options you can change before you begin playing:

Changing your army

You can change your army by clicking on the medal ibé on the left-hvà side of your player slot:


Changing teams

To change the team you"re playing on, cliông xã on the Switch Slot icon in the bottom-right corner of a player slot on the other team:


You can only change khổng lồ the other team if there is a không tính tiền slot.

Changing your loadout

Your loadout includes commanders và intel bulletins, which give you special abilities and bonuses in battle. To change your loadout, cliông xã on the weapons case icon in the bottom-right corner of your player slot:

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